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How to Create Additional Storage in Your Bedroom

In the modern age, there is no doubt that new-build houses are becoming increasingly small and compact. While this is leading to the development of additional housing for aspiring first-time buyers, however, it is also poses a challenge to new home-owners who are forced to operate with minimal storage space. This is something that can be effectively negated by proactive and innovative home-owners, however, as there are a host of space saving and storage options now accessible to individuals.

How to create additional storage in your bedroom

3 Space Saving Tips for Your Bedroom

Of all the rooms in your home, it is most important that your bedroom is kept clutter free. This requires adequate storage, however, so consider the following steps towards optimising the space at your disposal: –


1.      Build in Floor-to-Ceiling Cabinets

This is a tip that has already been applied in kitchens throughout the UK, as the advent of floor-to-ceiling cabinets has helped to revolutionise home design and storage. Essentially, these innovative designs enable home-owners to store a high volume of material possessions without being forced to utilise additional floor space. This is crucial, as it minimises the amount of external clutter and ensures that your floor remains free from potential tripping hazards.


2.      Invest in a Large and Wide Dressing Table

If you are in the process of purchasing furniture for your bedroom, you may need to consider investing in a large or extra-wide dressing table. These items of furniture usually rest against a single wall, and they often leave excess space at either end that cannot be used for alternative purposes. By buying a slightly larger dressing table to fit the space perfectly, however, you can create additional storage and create the illusion of a larger room and floor plan.


3.      Choose Bedside Tables That Are Designed for Substance Rather Than Style

While the majority of home-owners like to implement their fundamental design values when decorating a bedroom, it is important that their space is functional as well as being visually appealing. So although tulip tables may look elegant and attractive, they have minimal storage and will do little to resolve your space issue. With this in mind, you should instead invest in larger tables with additional storage space while also ensuring that they are capable of providing a visually engaging vocal point. To find out more about these storage solutions and additional options, visit the Safestore blog at your earliest convenience.



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