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How to Decorate Your Student Room on a Budget

Starting university is a whirlwind of new experiences, and for many, it also means diving into the art of budgeting for the first time. Yet, navigating a budget doesn’t mean sacrificing style when it comes to decorating your student space.

Here are seven savvy suggestions to elevate your room without breaking the bank:


1.    Create your own gallery

Ditching the pricey canvas art for a more personalised approach can elevate your room’s ambience.

Why not turn those cherished moments on your phone into tangible memories? Printing out your favourite snaps and artfully arranging them on your walls using sticky-tac can be both an enjoyable activity and a conversation starter.

This DIY photo gallery not only infuses your room with a personal touch but can often lead to delightful reminiscing when friends drop by.


2.  Unleash your green fingers

Whether you’re team real or faux, plants can shake up any space.

If you’re venturing into real greens, we suggest looking into hard-wearing plants to begin with. Plants like succulents and spider plants are perfect for when you’re learning how to harness your green fingers.

However, just want the look of a plant but don’t want to take care of it, fake plants come to the rescue. They offer the aesthetic appeal of nature and stay vibrant year-round!


3.  Drape a tapestry

A tapestry can be a game-changer for boring beige walls. Tapestries are a brilliant way to cover up a large space while also adding in a dash of colour and personality.

The best part? They’re often lightweight and super easy to set up. All you need to do is get some handy command hooks, and you’ll be able to hang your tapestry without worrying about ruining the walls!


4.  Brighten things up with fairy lights

Fairy lights, for many, are synonymous with university life. Beyond their decorative allure, these twinkling lights offer a gentle illumination that can turn an ordinary room into a much-needed haven.

You can drape them across walls or around your bed frame for a dreamy, whimsical atmosphere.


5.  Add a cushion – or five!

Whether you’re a fan of geometric patterns, loud colours, or quirky quotes, cushions can be the most affordable and efficient way to inject instant character.

They’re not just for comfort; these little additions can act as statement pieces or even as pops of colour in an otherwise basic room.


6.  Get mindful with storage

Efficiency is the name of the game when space is limited – as often is with student rooms!

Clutter can quickly become overwhelming, so investing in multipurpose storage solutions is key. Look for collapsible storage boxes that are easy to tuck away. Opting for ones with striking patterns or hues ensures they serve a dual purpose – organisation and decoration.


7.  Spruce up your bedding

In student accommodations, the bed often takes centre stage. This presents an opportunity for you to select a bedding that aligns with your desired vibe.

Be it strawberry patterns, pastel shades, or a simple white – every bedding can tell a story and give you an extra reason to make sure your bed is nicely done.


Lastly, while we’re talking about student rooms and how to personalise them, it’s worth noting that location matters too. Before even getting to the decorating stage, it’s pivotal to find the right spot to call home during your studies.

If you’re heading to or are already in the Midlands and want the perfect base for your student journey, consider exploring student housing options in Birmingham. As a bustling hub for students, you’ll find plenty of options tailored to different needs and budgets.


Your student room is more than just a place to sleep; it’s where memories are made, award-winning essays are written, and friendships are forged. So make the most of it with these design tips!
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