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How To Have An Eco-friendly Party

Having a party is something that many people love. It can be thrown in a café, restaurant, out in the open air, or anywhere in between, and it can be thrown for any number of occasions such as birthdays, christenings, graduations, engagements, or even just because you want to. Something that all parties should have in common, though, no matter where or why they are taking place, is being eco-friendly. If you want to throw an eco-friendly party, and you are unsure where to start, here are some great ways how you can do it.



Of course, you are going to want to send out invitations to your guests so that they know where and when to arrive, what to bring, even what to wear, but sending out paper invitations isn’t very eco-friendly. Yet the idea of simply telling people that you’re throwing a party doesn’t seem very exciting, and they may forget. As a compromise, why not send your invitations online? You can use a free invitation maker and then email the invitations, or send them through social media. If you are insistent on sending invitations through the post, try to use recycled paper if you can, as this is better than virgin paper that costs a lot in terms of both money and energy (and natural resources) to be created.


Buy Fresh Food

If you’re not having an outside caterer or using the skills of a lovely café for your food and you are preparing it all yourself, then it’s best to buy fresh and local than to buy frozen food. If you buy local, you are using fewer food miles, plus you are helping your local economy. Not only that, but fresh food saves on wastage too, simply because you can freeze leftovers. If you use frozen food, the food miles associated with it might be much more, and you won’t be able to re-freeze anything left over, meaning it will be thrown away and go to waste.


Don’t Use Disposable Cutlery

Disposable cutlery and crockery may be easy when it comes to cleaning up, and it may be a good way to ensure you have enough for everyone, but when it comes to the environment, it’s a bad idea. You’ll be throwing everything away once you’re done and adding to landfill sites. Plastic knives and forks are particularly bad, and with the recent push to use less plastic, it makes a lot more sense to simply buy cheap sets of metal cutlery that can be bought in bulk and kept as your ‘party cutlery.’ The same goes for plates; you don’t have to use the plates you put your family’s dinner on but can buy cheap plates and bowls that can be washed up and reused.


Goody Bags

Children’s birthday parties traditionally end with the host giving out party bags to the children who have attended. These bags are usually made of plastic and contain a lot of plastic too (including sweet wrappers, for example). If you choose to give out party bags, use paper ones, and include only eco-friendly items that have no plastic packaging on them.


Consider a flower wall

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Hey and how about a printable camping scavenger hunt to take home?



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  1. September 12, 2018 / 7:32 am

    Having a party, especially if done at home, could really be a cause of a large number of plastic used. People just have to be aware that being eco-friendly in parties doesn’t just help the environment but could also be budget-savers! Anyways, thanks for the tips you gave. They’re really helpful 🙂

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