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How to paint a ceiling? Essential tips for easier job 

From all the painting tasks, the one that concerns ceilings is probably the most daunting. Is there any chance to turn it into a satisfying project? You may want to make it a Do-It-Yourself task or seek a professional help from a certified painter and decorator in London, but with these tips and techniques you will award yourself with a seamless job. Get to know the painting essentials.


Preparation first

This part is the most tiresome, however, consider it as a must for a successful project. Firstly, remove all the furniture or cover it with drop cloth. While painting a ceiling, there will be a lot of splatters, so carefully protect each of your pieces and floor. Get rid of dust and cobwebs and make sure the ceiling surface is clean. Secondly, make needed repairs, using a good filler. It is also recommended to sand the ceiling to obtain better results. Sounds like a lot of work? If you seek a professional painter and decorator in London, all the tasks will go smoothly without your personal interference. Consider hiring a certified contractor that will deal with the project in no time.

Choosing the right paint

This is a crucial part of a painting job. Obviously, many people focus mainly on choosing the right colour, but you should also opt for a dedicated, high quality ceiling paint. How come a general can of paint is not suitable for this project? Ceiling paints have a different sheen level – they usually minimize reflections and imperfections. If you are not sure, which one will be the best choice, use the suggestions of certified painters for long-lasting results.

Use proper tools

If you decided to go by yourself in this painting project, you may need professional tools. This includes a high quality roller with an extension pole, but also an angled brush for precise painting the edges and corners. Your skills do not come in pair with your expectations? You can always rely on reputable painter and decorator in London. With dedicated set of tools, skills and knowledge he can achieve both precision and speed that are followed by the best results.

Invest in protective measures

Painting a ceiling is a messy task. There are splatters all over the space and fumes in the air. Protective measures are essential if you want to do the task properly. You will need a dust mask or industrial goggles, as well as a protective apron.

Flawless painting technique

Do you want your painting project to result in uniform application? The key is to work in small sections and use long, even strokes. It is important to maintain a wet edge, so each stroke will blend seamlessly.

Painting the ceiling may not look like a difficult task, but you need to stay attentive to details, especially in the final stage. If you are not experienced enough, you will benefit more if you assign the project to a qualified painter and decorator in London. Professional worker has got all the necessary tools and protection measures. When paired with excellent skills, it will surely result in a flawless finish that leaves a clean space behind.

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