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How to Save Money on Bills Easily

How to Save Money on Bills Easily

We all work hard for our money so why not make your money work hard for you.  It’s easy to take bills for granted, but with a little attention to detail and a few changes to wasteful habits, you’ll be surprised at the savings that you can make.

how to Save Money on Bills Easily


How to save money on bills easily

Save money on your electricity

Energy consumption is a global problem and we all need to do our bit to reduce what we use.  Like water from a tap we take electricity for granted, so change your mindset and focus on ways of using less.  Consider your lighting.  Do you leave lights on unnecessarily?  Could you make more use of natural light?  What about a few romantic candles?  Switch to LED bulbs, they will last up to twenty-five times longer than halogen bulbs and will give you big savings in the long run.  Unplug everything that is not in use, yes it may be more convenient to leave everything plugged in, but you are paying for that convenience.  Reconsider your reliance on electrical appliances.  Dry that washing on the line instead of in the tumble dryer.  Sweep up instead of using the vacuum cleaner every day.  Chop food by hand rather than automatically using the food processor.  If you’re buying a new appliance get the most energy efficient one you can find.  Use less hot water, that means showers instead of baths and above all, insulate your home.

Save money on food

Use a list, don’t impulse buy.  Saving money on food doesn’t mean having a poor diet, it means buying fresh food that is cheap and in season.  When those offers come along, bulk buy and freeze it.  The most efficient way to use your freezer is to make sure that it’s always full.  Using an electric oven is expensive, so cook food in batches and save time and money.

Switch energy suppliers

Forty-five per cent of energy consumers don’t recall ever having switched suppliers.  You are probably paying more than you need, to so go online and compare the different prices for gas and electricity.

Don’t be such a softy

Students in Russia don’t have to attend school if the temperature drops below minus thirty-six degrees.  Too many of us expect to be able to wander about our homes wearing shorts and a T shirt no matter what time of year it is.  Don’t turn the heating up, wear more layers.  It’s a lot healthier and you’ll keep just as warm.  The same goes for bedtime too, an old fashioned hot water bottle is a very energy efficient way to take the chill off a bed and if it’s still a little nippy try a blanket or an extra duvet.

Get in control of your bills with a budget app

No need to be sifting through piles of paper looking for last month’s energy bill, now you can manage everything on your phone with an app that enables you to manage your budget and see exactly where those saving can be made.

There are some brilliant money saving apps around do take a look and, if you are a fan of apps take a look at this fab Google Play discount guide to find some great app bargains

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  1. March 23, 2018 / 4:50 am

    Thank you for sharing this. Been living on my own for the past few months, so as much possible trying to learn how to reduce my bills, I feel like I’m using too much of it without me knowing or I’m just using the wrong things. Anyways, thank you! 🙂

  2. February 13, 2020 / 6:09 pm

    Do you really save money by lowering your thermostat?

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