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How to save on your groceries

Today – How to save on your groceries

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Grocery purchases are a significant part of anyone’s weekly spending. Unfortunately, it seems as though they are becoming more and more expensive. Since we need food to live happy and healthy lives, it’s not as if we can just stop purchasing them. If grocery purchases are becoming too much, you may want to consider the following ideas to help save money.


How to save on your groceries

Using coupons is arguably one of the best ways to save money on your grocery bill. Depending on what you are looking for, coupons can be found at the grocery store, in newspapers or magazines and online. Capitalizing on sales is also a good strategy, especially when basic food items like rice, pasta and dried foods are at a low price. Reading flyers from various stores is also a good plan as you can determine which location has the best prices or where to purchase certain items that are on sale. These flyers may also have coupons in them.

Certain strategies while shopping in the store can also help you save money. The more expensive items are usually placed in the middle shelves because they are easy to reach. Instead, you can look for the higher or lower placed items and choosing those items may save you some money. Additionally, looking in the reduced section is always a good idea as prices are usually much lower than normal. Ready-to-eat or prepared meals are typically more expensive than purchasing separate ingredients to make a meal. It’s therefore a good idea to make your own meals as often as you can.

Similarly, creating a meal plan for each week is another way to save on groceries. When you plan your meals and make a specific list of items you will need, this can deter you from making unnecessary additional purchases that add to your weekly spending. It can also prevent food going to waste if you do not use or eat it before it expires or goes bad. When you make a list, sticking to it certainly has its advantages and can keep you on track.


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In this modern technological world, it goes without saying that technology can show you how to save on your  groceries. There are numerous smartphone apps, including Checkout 51, Grocery Pal and Coupon Sherpa, that can help find coupons, create lists and discover the best deals. It’s even possible to buy groceries online. The best example is Amazon because they have a wide array of foods at great prices. You can even go so far as purchasing cheap wine online from comparison sites like winesdirect.com or bringabottle.co.uk We use technology for so many reasons so we may as well use it to save money on groceries as well.

A final strategy that one may not even consider can sometimes be difficult: don’t shop for groceries while you are hungry. When you’re a hungry shopper, you are easily susceptible to temptation and can purchase food items you don’t need. It’s nice to satisfy cravings once in a while, but avoid making this a habit to help yourself save money.

While some of these strategies require time and thought to prepare, it may be worth the effort. If your grocery bill is causing you more stress than you would like, applying these strategies, or even just one of them, can certainly make quite a difference.

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