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How to say how much you care

How to say how much you care


How to say how much you care

You know how I love a freebie.

Well this one is rather fabulous because it is worth it’s weight in gold and will make the recipient feel like a million dollars.

It is a gift you can give that will cost you nothing except a teeny tiny bit of effort but it will be valued highly.

Are you intrigued ?

I am talking about this brilliant ly handy website bestwishesandquotes.com that is full of great quotes to wish a loved one a happy birthday – you can freely send these quotes or copy them in to a card..whatever you prefer.It is so nice not to have to dream up what to say yourself and  we all know how the right words can convey a really meaningful and valued message that touches peoples hearts in the way a physical gift never can.

Here is an example:

May this birthday be so much happier and better than the last. May you be surrounded by loved ones who think you are the best thing that happened in their lives. I’m one of those people, and I want you to know that you are one of the most important people in my life! Happy birthday!

I love the right words, they can make our heart sing and live with us for such a long time can’t they? They can really impact someone.They don’t need to be elusive or for more ‘wordy’ types with just a bit of effort they can come from you too.

If you are wanting to find your very own words just think about all that you truly value and appreciate about your love done…perhaps say it out loud first then try and write it.  You will never regret telling someone how much they are appreciated evn if you feel a little shy about sending them a message of gratitude and love. It strengthens relationships and is always well received,

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