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How to style a small bathroom

Today – how to style a small bathroom

How to style a small bathroom

How to style a small bathroom

Let’s look today at how to style a small bathroom

Small can always be beautiful you just have to think about things a little bit more. never more so when it comes to interior design. The betta living bathroom show above is both compact and beautiful.

So what are the style secrets for styling a small bathroom

Keep it simple

Keeping a simple scheme for the bathroom will stop it looking fussy and chaotic and allow it took more spacious. Sleek and clean lines are the way to go.

Colour co-ordinate

Too many colours and patterns can make a room look busy and I think co-ordination is key. neutral and light wil open up a sense of space but the brown walls above look really good. See how it is echoed int he towels too.


A well lit room will look bigger as will wide and clean windows.  Mirrors also add to the illusion of space and the mirrored cabinet in this room will through a lot of light around it.


Good storage is key to making a small room function well and you can see this working in the picture above. The tall unit is able to hold toiletries as well as towels allowing other surfaces to be kept clear, the height is a great advantage!


Rather than adding to clutter and a busy look a couple of small houseplants actually work to make a room look fresh and alive and the natural element worked to make it look more open I think. I wouldn’t to go for big ones though. We have a small Aloe Vera in our bathroom.

Keep it tidy

Small areas only work if you keep them tidy. one towel out of place in a tidy room can make the whole room look a mes. keep on top if it with a daily whizz round.


Nothing smells as good as fresh air so do open the window when you can . Alternately scented reeds or regular air fresheners will keep the room feeling fresh and airy which also adds to a sense of space.

Small bathrooms really can look stylish and more spacious if you are careful with your styling and follow the above tips.

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  1. Charles
    July 17, 2016 / 12:14 pm

    If you have room for a bookcase it is not a small bathroom.

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