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Impactful and Speedy home renovations

Speedy home renovations

Impactful and speedy home renovations worth doing

When it comes to refurbishing and renovating our home we can all feel a little panicky cant we. We anticipate it is going to cost us an absolute fortune, take forever and be overwhelming.



Such an oft-neglected part of a home yet how often do we use our staircases!  We really do use them all the time don’t- we really should see it as a key feature of our home that deserves our love and attention.  Did you know as long as your staircase is structurally sound then a staircase refurbishment can take just one day!  Yes, you read that right.  How fabulous is that? A really lovely update to your home with really minor disruption.  I love the idea of having a glass embedded staircase. I think it would give such an updated, contemporary feel to my home and make it look more spacious too.



replacing and gutting a bathroom is EXPENSIVE and time-consuming and not a speedy job at all. However, you can attack the grouting and the limescale and make a huge difference this way. For grouting, you can simply use specialist whitening products or you could try a DIY  clean with bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar and use a toothbrush. This will instantly update your bathroom! White vinegar soaked into a cloth and wrapped around a tap should bring back the sparkle and dissolve limescale too. Then a fresh lick of paint, a new bath mat and towels, and really your bathroom will just look amazing. All this can be done in a day too.


Kerb appeal

My OH recently decided to fit us a new letterbox. He simply watched a YouTube video hot-footed it to the DIY shop and boom it was up. Our old one clattered and battered about. We ordered a name sign and a new knocker too. We gave the door a really good clean and filled a couple of hanging baskets with pretty  mini-cyclamen. We borrowed a power washer and hosed down the driver and revarnished the fence. In just one day our home looked SO much more appealing and welcoming and really it wasn’t expensive or particularly tricky at all to achieve.


So yes, home renovations can go on and on and can be annoying, all-encompassing and uber expensive. But there are many really impactful things you can do that really don’t need to take too long or cost too much at all – speedy renovations are the way forward!


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Speedy home renovations


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