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How to incorporate mobility and healthcare furniture into a stylish home #InteriorWellbeing

Fenetic Wellbeing sell healthcare and mobility products and are currently running a lovely campaign #InteriorWellbeing, which considers how such products can be incorporated into a stylish home.

One of a selection of fabulous riser recliner chairs from Fenetic Wellbeing

Having a disability myself I have required various mobility products over the last couple of years and incorporating them well into my home has been important to me. I think if you don’t consider your scheme, when bringing in mobility products, it can look disjointed and you can feel that your home is somehow medicalised, rather than beautiful.

I strongly believe no matter what that  our home should be our haven, a place we love and are proud of. So lets’ look at incorporating products that support our wellbeing into our home schemes  and how we go about this.

3 of the key trends of 2017 that  I am looking at incorporating into my design here are

Lots of Textures ( I’m thinking faux fur, velvet, even pom poms)

Blush Pink (everywhere!)

and Reflective Surfaces (mirrors, coffee tables)

I always think with trends, have a good old look and then select the ones you love. No matter how trendy a style if you don’t love it why on earth would you live with it. Your home is entirety yours and it’s uniqueness will lie in it reflecting your loves.

So here is a moodboard of a interior design I would love to live with that incorporate a rise and recline chair

Interior Wellbeing


Do you like my mood board?

I think you will agree the luxe beige of the Riva rise and recline chair ties in beautifully with this scheme and does not look out of place or medicalised at all.

Creating cohesion through colour, texture or trends, really helps a piece of purpose furniture blend into your home. So do identify what you love in interiors and create a scheme that flows well together and that your new furniture will just slip right into.

With planning and creativity, mobility and purpose produce can be a beautiful addition to a stylish and modern home.

Post written in collaboration with Fenetic Wellbeing






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  1. November 12, 2017 / 6:03 am

    Beautiful and stylish home furnitures. Its light colors and texture bring so much light feeling to one’s home. I would love to have these comfortable furnishings at home. Thanks for the ideas and inspiration.

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