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Inexpensive and unique stairways

Despite keeping a pretty thrifty home I really do love to have both unique and super stylish features. In my home and am always looking to find a combination of all 3 of these features.

Fontanot stairs designers have managed to combine all of these attributes in their products and really do offer some great, value for money, high design stairway products that really look amazing and are of really good quality.

Traditional staircases can be very dull, can’t they? They can also take up a great deal of wasted space that could be used for living so spiral staircases can be a brilliant way to reduce floor space wastage and bring elegant design into a home.There are some lovely spiral staircase options that exceptionally well priced – I was most surprised. Spiral staircases look so fabulous and often so intricately designed I thought their high-end look would be matched by a high-end price.  These are not only a useful way of saving space in the smaller home but they are also very aesthetically pleasing.

I am really drawn to the steel staircases, the industrial look is right up my street and is minimal and pared back too which I like.


unique stairways


I think they just look so sleek and unobtrusive and so clean too.

Or how about a quality outdoors stairs kits that can be easily assembled in just a couple of hours.

I think these just look absolutely stunning.



They are a really practical solution and they just seamlessly fit into the look of a lovely garden area. You could even wind ivy or roses up the bannisters to really garden-ify the look. As well as being a beautiful addition to the garden it does, of course, have some invaluable functionality too. How lovely not to have to traipse through the house to get to the bathroom or your bedroom. For houses that are split into two or more apartments, this is the ultimate solution, isn’t it? This beautiful outdoor staircase would totally separate out the living quarters into two distinct and individually accessed homes that feel completely individual.



Don’t you think it looks lovely?

Very Mediterranean. Just beautiful.

These outdoor spiral staircases would also work really well to comply with fire and safety regulations – without looking at all like a boring and functional fire escape but rather a romantic and quirky piece of stairway.

So yes I think spiral staircases combine functionality, design and affordability and as such make a lovely addition to a thrifty but stylish family home.



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