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Luxury Garden Upgrades To Consider This Summer


Luxury Garden Upgrades

Luxury Garden Upgrades

Let’s take a look at some luxury garden updates you could consider this summer. With the prospect of summer finally upon us, you’ll be starting to look forward to spending time outdoors and making the most of your garden.

Whether you like to entertain or simply enjoy relaxing outdoors, your garden has a lot of potential regarding improvements and additions that can help you get even more from your garden. Read about some of the luxury garden upgrades to consider this summer.

Install a hot tub

Hot tubs might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they can be a fun addition to your garden and an ideal way to make the most of those long summer nights. We’re not always blessed with the warmest of weather in the UK, even during the summer, so a hot tub can be a cool way to warm up once the sun goes down. There are things to consider before buying a hot tub, of course, but if you know it’s something that you’ll get a lot of use out of then you should go for it.

Build a granny annex

Granny annexes are becoming more and more popular, and if you’ve got the space for one – it could bring a lot of added value to your property. Think of a granny annex as an investment opportunity – it’ll not only increase your home’s value, but it can be a great way to make money on Airbnb or help you out when you’ve got visitors. A granny annex can also double up as an office or studio, giving you a relaxing space separate to the house to carry out your projects.

Create a stylish decking area

Your garden has a lot of potential, and if you’re not doing much, then you could be missing out on some wonderful opportunities. Decking areas are becoming more popular in UK gardens, helping to create ‘zones’ in your garden for dining and other activities, while also adding a modern edge. Decking can start from your patio doors or can be raised, and there are plenty of garden decking ideas out there to inspire you. Buy high-quality, durable decking to ensure longevity and a lasting finish to help you get the most out of your investment.

Spend more time outdoors with permanent shelter

The rain can put a dampener on your summer plans, making it difficult to make the most of it. If you want to make sure you get outdoors more, a garden shelter could be the perfect solution. Garden shelters come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from awning to wooden structures that will allow you to sit outdoors and enjoy the summer, even if it is a bit drizzly!

With summer just around the corner, you’ll need to start planning any major improvements now to ensure they’re completed in time. If you’re looking to make upgrades on a smaller scale, preparing your garden for summer evening parties could be a better solution for your money. Build your dream garden this summer and enjoy complete relaxation in your home.


Luxury Garden Upgrades


I hope these idea for lucury garden updates have inspired you!

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