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Make an Old Kitchen Look Like New

Make an Old Kitchen Look Like New


Make an Old Kitchen Look Like New – simple tips

So how do we make an old kitchen look like new?

Given the choice, most of us would love a brand spanking new kitchen to cook from each day and entertain guests. However it’s one of the priciest upgrades in the home, and not something everyone can afford to splash out on on a whim. However you don’t necessarily need to spend thousands or invest in a brand new kitchen for yours to look fantastic. There are plenty of inexpensive upgrades you can make that will freshen it up and modernise it, everyone will think you’ve had a new kitchen installed! Here are some ideas.


It’s the cupboards that make the most impact in a kitchen, and so just by switching up the fronts, you get a brand new look without having to replace all of the units. You could buy new door fronts since these come in a standard size, however, if yours are made of solid wood then you can save money even further. Giving them a good sand down and painting with special cupboard paint and transform them, and turn old-fashioned wooden units into modern white or grey ones. Solid wooden kitchens are expensive, and so it makes sense to reuse instead of simply throwing them away instead of replacing them with cheaper veneer. However, if they’re rotten, warped or broken then it’s best to get rid of them and buy new.


Having a new worktop fitted isn’t as expensive as you might think, and if you keep an eye out for sales and bargains, you could snap one up relatively cheaply. Anyone with moderate DIY skills could fit it, and you have a fresh new look. Otherwise, if your budget is smaller, there are wraps you can get especially for worktops. They’re easy to fit and hardwearing and don’t cost much at all.



The tiles on the walls are often a huge giveaway to the kitchen’s age. As with all trends, trends with tiles come and go but it’s not as easy to retile a room as it is to strip off wallpaper. If yours are outdated or cracked, one option would be to remove them and replace with a backsplash instead. These are much cheaper to buy and easier to fit than new tiles  If your tiles are plain and not in bad condition but look dirty, you could use a tool to scrape the grout out and then re-fill it. That gives the appearance of freshly hung tiles without paying for them to be re-done.

Fixtures and Fittings

Instead of replacing the entire sink, just updating the tap is a quick way to modernise a kitchen. Look in clearance warehouses and sites like eBay for the best deals. Replace cupboard door handles, and add things like strip LED lighting under cabinets for a luxe feel on a budget.


Wall Colour

With the tiling situation sorted, the next step would be to update the rest of the walls too. Unless your kitchen is fully tiled, then painting the walls is an easy way to make it feel fresh and new. Go with a light neutral colour to make the space look as bright and spacious possible. Spend the extra and use paint specifically for kitchens, wipeable so protects against spills and splashes, steam and mold. If you’re going to be having more sockets added or moving appliances around, have a residential electrician come in and do this before the decor is finished. You will need to repaint if they need to cut holes in walls and things, and if you want until it’s done it saves you from having to do it twice.



The flooring is an element of your kitchen that can make a huge difference to the overall appearance. Cracked tiles, warped wood and peeling vinyl will all make it look worse for wear. If your floor is already very level, adding a new sheet of vinyl over the top is a good option. It’s far less expensive than tiles or wood, and comes in lots of colours and different effects. You’ll need to pay a professional to fit it for the best look, but it’s a quick job and would be done within a few hours.



One your kitchen makeover is complete, spend some time decluttering and getting rid of what you no longer use. Burned pans, random pan lids, old baking trays, appliances you never use- all these things are doing is taking up cupboard space. Write a list of any replacements you need, and then put these back in an organised fashion into your cupboards., That way you don’t need to rummage, you know exactly where everything is when you need it.

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