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Managing bad credit history


Home improvements can be costly but they can als0 be a really smart way to add value to your home.

There are times when doing up your thrifty home that you may need to borrow some money. You may have planned for an extension, want to add on a conservatory or perhaps do some repaving.

You may have worked out exactly how much money you need and know the changes you are making will be a good investment on your home.  Despite your well considered intentions when you apply for a loan for the work you want to do you may come unstuck. You may be refused credit. It can be so disappointing and it can also be quite a shock.

Finding out you have a poor credit history does not mean you are in huge amounts of debt,  it can actually be caused by all sorts of things. There is a great article over at About.com about things that hurt your credit score which is well worth a read.

You will be surprised !

Bad credit history also  does not mean you can’t borrow money or have to get some dodgy pay day style loan.

It is possible to get unsecured personal loans for poor or bad credit from reputable companies. As with any kind of loan though you have to look very carefully at prepayment terms and interest rates and be absolutely sure you can afford them and that the loan is worth it.

Getting into debt you cannot repay for the sake of making your house more valuable is false economy. It is important to always be smart and realistic whenever money is concern.

Homes can take time to build into your dream and be all the more precious for it.



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