The many benefits of wallpaper

There are many benefits to wall paper though for many years I avoided it completely. In my mind it was so much easier to change a paint colour than wallpaper so why bother?  I am not a huge fan of patterns at the best of times and didn’t want walls of it around my home. But in recent years my views on wallpaper have changed and I have now grown to love it and I will tell you why.

It can be subtle

I used to worry that wallpaper would be overpowering but in fact it can be incredible subtle and pleasing and calming to the eye. Look at this lovely example from Holden Wallpaper

This gorgeous Dove wall paper could easily cover a whole room without being too much.


It can be impactful

Wallpaper can make a dramatic impact, form a huge forest scene to  decks of cards I have seen some wild and elaborate wallpaper through my love of interiors. This wouldn’t be for me but you can see that it most definitely makes a statement sometimes. A loud one!



The versatility of wall paper is one of it’s greatest benefits. In my bedroom we just have it in two little alcoves and it adds a lovely layer of interest to the room. From covering a whole room to creating a spectacular feature wall you can really use wallpaper as you want to, there are no set rules.

The many benefits of wallpaper


Hiding imperfections

Wallpaper is also brilliant for hiding imperfections. For those of you who live in an older house like me cracked walls can be unsightly and wallpaper does a great job at hiding this. The patterns hide smudges and blemishes too and most wall paper is pretty easy to clean with just a sponge and water.


Creating a theme

Wallpaper can suggest a theme to your room and really enhance it for example tropical wallpaper would work great with a hot pink cushions and some  potted plants. Butterfly wallpaper woudl work well in a room with wooden floors and natural jute rug and suggest a very nature focussed theme. Wallpaper is a wonderful accessory!


It can be art

Wallpaper can be like a work of art. I have seen exquisite wallpaper that I cannot take my eyes off. I have seen fun and funky London bus wall paper that has delighted little people. Who needs a painting when you can have a whole wall of what you love up on display!



As well as the huge array of colours and patterns that wallpapers comes in you can also get a variety of textured looks such as brick or marble  or even velvet and this adds another dimension  into the room. Wallpaper can also be embossed and gloriously tactile which adds again to the ‘feel’ of the room.


I would love to know if you use wallpaper throughout your house and what kind do you like? Are you all about big florals, monochrome geometrics or perhaps you like a satin feel with light outlines of leaves. Tell me all about it!






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