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My DIY disaster #ithappens

I was recently asked by More Than insurance to share a DIY disaster for their #ithappens campaign. Well I have to say it wasn’t very hard to come up with a DIY disaster – we have had a fair dew. Most of them involving my other half.

When I met Jonny I had been loving on my own for a couple of years and had gotten into a pattern of always getting an expert in to fix things as I am very impractical. I was fine with this and saw it as really worth the money as things were fixed properly.

Jonny however was out to impress those first few years and kept assuring me he could fix things and was a dab hand at DIY. Always thrifty I was delighted to have found a partner with such awesome skills. Hmmmm.


He wasn’t quite telling me the full story.

Some of his DIY disasters really have made me laugh though. There was a time he was left stuck in the attic having locked himself and the key up there during renovations, then the time he dropped a tree trunk on his foot trying to do something arty in the garden!

One of the very funniest I have shared on video and you can take a look at it  over at More Than along with some other other very funny DIY disasters.

Do pop over and have a look here

Please share the thrifty ♥

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  1. Jane Taylor
    March 22, 2016 / 7:47 pm

    He He. I have a few choice ones of my own…

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