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Outdoor Improvement Tips: 7 Budget-friendly lighting ideas to create a beautiful effect in your home

Outdoor lighting can greatly benefit your home’s exterior. It can enhance your safety and security, boost your home resale value, accentuate yard décor and extend your living space.  Furthermore, outdoor lighting can be used in various areas of the house ranging from the backyard, patios, pathways along the lawn, backyard and front door.

In this article, we will explore budget-friendly ideas that can create beautiful effects in your home.


Budget-friendly lighting ideas

7 Budget-friendly lighting ideas to create a beautiful effect

Security Lighting

As we have mentioned, this outdoor lighting is mainly for safety and security benefits. Furthermore, this also helps to create dramatic illumination in the bordering perimeter of your home. Security lights are highly important because they discourage potentially harmful animals and intruders.

This will safeguard your home from vandalism, burglary and theft. You can add security lights to areas like doorways, pillars and corners in your home. After installing security lights, the reflected lights will beam side to side. This can help spot anybody hiding in the dark.


String Lighting

String lighting is a great option if you want to create an entertainment setting. Hanging string lights is a smart idea. It is functional whether you want to create lighting for a barbecue party in the front yard or host a gathering of loved ones in your garden.

Opt for rechargeable battery-powered bulbs to drape on strings. You can utilise an extension cord if you wish to power them up from the house interior.

An alternative to this is solar-powered bulbs. Furthermore, choose LED bulbs if you want an option that is long-lasting and highly efficient.



Are you looking for a nice and inviting front door space? Great! Traditional lanterns and lamps can assist you in achieving that. Although a lantern hanging at the entry point isn’t a modern lighting style, it is still seen as a trendy décor item due to technological breakthroughs. Today, there are various brands of electric lanterns that can add beauty to your home layout and architecture.

With the ambient glow of lanterns, you can highlight areas of your home like the patio, deck board, veranda, doorsteps and even your garden. This will ensure adequate light to spot intruders around your home entrance. Ensure you opt for glare-free lanterns for proper illumination. Glass lanterns are known for diffuse lighting, so avoid them.

Path Lighting

Do you own a lawn and pathway along your house? Have you considered ways you can create a beautiful and fascinating pathway for guests and yourself? Maybe, by installing coloured outdoor paving or coloured decking flooring boards? This is a budget-friendly idea to serve that purpose. Path lighting entails adding a series of small lights along your pathway to illuminate the pathway and offer visibility at dusk.

Furthermore, you can boost your home’s curb appeal by adding varying colours based on the season to add charm and fun to the area. These lights are affordable and come in 14-20 V LED bulbs. However, they can greatly boost the beauty of your outdoor spaces.


Flower pot lighting

Flower pot lighting entails placing LED lights inside planter boxes or flower pots along your front yard or towards the walkway towards the entrance of your home. It is a bit related to the path lighting idea, although there is a significant difference.

Like path lighting, lighting your flower pot will highlight your outdoor décor and the perimeter around them. You can choose varying hues or tones to match the flower colours.

Crystal Pendant Chandelier

Chandeliers are a special outdoor lighting feature. They are contemporary and add a sense of luxury to your home exterior. Install a few pendant chandeliers in your front yard, doorway or decorated patio. Crystal pendant chandeliers are the best choice for anyone that wishes to add a romantic and relaxing ambiance to their outdoor spaces while resting on their patio.

Although they may be vintage, with some improvements, you can revamp their appearance, letting them have a distinctive visual effect.

For instance, you can buy a North African quatrefoil lantern designed in the form of a beautiful chandelier with an elegant and stylish crystal. It comes with an adjustable chain that can be adapted to fit the height of any ceiling. You will love how it looks when hung from any height in your doorway or patio seating area.



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