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How to create a perfect bedroom in a rental property #MyDreamBedroom

Do you wonder how to create a perfect bedroom in a rental property? Does it feel impossible because of restrictions and does it seem not really worth pursuing your dream because it is not a permanent home? I beg to differ I think no matter how long you lay your hat any way you completely deserve to live in beautiful surroundings


The limitations of decorating when you are renting

It can be hard when you are a tenant and you are restricted to not putting up shelving or fitted wardrobes. It may be even pictures aren’t allowed to be hung on the walls or you can’t change the carpets? Each landlord ‘s rules will be different but do not despair.   There is a lot you CAN do.



How to create a perfect bedroom in a rental property

So here is a little list of 8 things you can do in a rental property that won’t bother your landlord but will create a dream bedroom

  1. Plants bring any space to life as long as they are lush and green so why not invest in a few and bring the outside in.
  2. Fragrance can make a space delightdull . I live sandalwood or fresh cotton for a bedroom and a simple redd diffuser will do the trick.
  3. Beautiful, cotton fresh white sheets lift and bedroom and fo with any decor – get some great quality lovely sheets and duvet covers they make a bed so comfy and pretty
  4. A beautifully woven or faux fur  throuw gives texture to a bedroom and a sense of layering and costyness that adds really depth
  5. Art works can be lent against walls or propped on dressing tables they do not have to be affixesd to walls so bring on the  art!
  6. If you can’t change you carpet do consider a rug you really love.
  7.  Do ask if you can paint your room, wallpaper might be a no no but most landlords woudl not object to you painting a fairly neutral colour on the walls.
  8. Do consider lasdder selving it si currently uber cool and perct for rentals

See lot of options –  you real can create a perfect bedroom in a rental property


Protecting your dream bedroom

Of course, when you work hard on your home to make it lovely you really do want to be sure to protect it oo and so, of course, is important to have preventative measures for your dream bedroom in place and to and make sure the contents within it are insured.

Insurance from HomeLet is a really smart way to protect the dream you have bought to life in your rental home.

My Dream Bedroom

HomeLet asked kids across the UK to draw #MyDreamBedroom, some of these drawings were just amazing. We all have a dream bedroom, don’t we? HomeLet chose a select few of these drawings and brought them to life by recreating them in graphic designs showing how fabulous our dreams are.

What would your dream bedroom look like? Just imagine it – you now know how to create a perfect bedroom in a rental property so let your imagination flow.



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