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Pick of the week: Giggle Bottles

A laugh is a smile that bursts. ~Mary H. Waldrip

Have you seen these fabulous giggle bottles. They are stylish and sweet and practical and they do make me laugh,

The homemade beauty bug has really bitten me recently and I have been concocting a variety of lovely things from my store cupboard. In recent weeks I have made lavender and coconut bathmilk and a milk and a revitalising  honey face mask.


Concocting these has been great fun, super simple and thrifty and I have many more planned.

Making these lovely concoctions really is easy but finding something fabulous to store them in  isn’t . Until I saw these fabulous giggle bottles at Handpicked Collection…and I fell in love. Look at these are they just FAB, (they cost from £5-10.) They could be used for water, vinegar…all sorts of things, but mine will being joy to my bathroom.

giggle bottles

I cannot wait to fill them up with something fabulous and stand them on the side of my bath tub

They just make me smile to look at them and I will be able to use them again and again so a great value buy for the home.

Simply gorgeous.

storage bottes

Please share the thrifty ♥

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