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My Power Tool Wishlist


As regular readers will know I am rather a big fan of upcycling. I love to see posts on upcycled boats converted into houses and bikes made into sinks and the like. However, the nearest I have been to a power tool is my hot glue gun I am afraid. My upcycles tend to be making over an old wicker basket or making lavender sachets from old scraps of fabric.

I have to be  honest, I really am a bit afraid of power tools.

Not my thing

When I was at school the technology and woodwork teachers were rather scary and I was overawed by the equipment. The trauma of making a plastic keyring and it all going very wrong and ending up a molten splodge stays with me to this day.

It was not exactly my sort of subject and I suppose I  wrote myself off as ‘not very good at it.’ I  have avoided practical makes and mends on a larger /electrical scale ever since.

The trouble with that sort of attitude though is that is limiting. I love my home and I love to make it look it’s best on a budget, which inevitably means DIY.

Time for a change

I cannot be paying out for a handy person each time a practical job needs doing. Nope. The time has come to create my power tool wish list. I particularly want my children to see me capable, practical and independent. I want them to see me wielding power tools with confidence. And, I also need to challenge myself to take on some of the more simple DIY projects and save some money.

My power tool wishlist

So what would be on my power tool wishlist ?


My power tool wishlist


Draper 38255 5 Speed Hobby Bench Drill


Stanley FatMax 18V Li-Ion Jigsaw – FMC650B – Bare Unit


Bosch IXO Screwdriver – 3.6V


Powerbase Ni-Cad Cordless Drill Driver – 12V


I could make pretty much anything with these fabulous power tools !

What I would make

I would love to use the screwdriver, drills and jigsaw to fashion a wall planter out of some apple crates I have. I get so inspired by crate upcycles from Pinterest and I could work wonders with these simple tools.

I have grand plans for the hobby bench drill too. I fancy buying up some old cake plates and making holes in the nm to fashion a cake stand. How lovely would that be. I have even seen cake stands made out of old records and this tool would be perfect for that too.;

Who knows where it might lead. I might be living in a house that was once a boat one day, crafted by my own fair hands (okay that might be a tad ambitious!)

I think an electric screwdriver and a cordless drill are the best simple tools for me to start with. I am excited about the projects that lie ahead. This could open so much up to me. I will certainly show you any makes, upcycles or DIY solutions I come up with.


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