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Prepare Your Garden for Hosting Summer Evening Parties

The clocks have finally sprung forward, we’re crossing our fingers we’ve bid our final adieu to anymore snow days and the sun is shining (today, at least). However, if you’re being realistic, the garden might be a bit of a mess, neglected after a long, bitter winter. Not to worry, though, because we know all the ways, big and small, you can transform your garden ready to play host to many a summer party.

What Outdoor Lighting is Available?

In terms of lighting there is so much to choose from in both style and function. Link up to your mains or save on your energy bill and be more environmentally friendly with solar lights. Whatever you choose, lighting is bound to bring a cosy ambiance to your event and allow the party to continue late into the night. Enjoy compliments with festoon lights draped over your dining area or accent the garden path with light posts.

Solar: Across all styles of lighting you can get ones powered solarly. This means they get their energy from natural daylight and come on in the evenings right when you need it. No worries of racking up a expensive electricity bill as you party late into the evening. Solar lights also mean you get slightly dimmer mood lighting, ideal for creating that relaxed garden gathering vibe.

Mains: Need an extra boost of lighting? You can have mains lights connected up to the rest of your house. Choose wall lights in stylish chrome designs or, if you’re after that extra bit of security, you can even purchase security flood lights.

Candles: As long as you’ve still got life in the wick and a lighter or matches, your candles will last and avoid adding to that electricity bill. Pop securely in large lanterns to avoid a safety hazard or the flame going out in the wind and they become not only a source of light, but also a great decorative piece.



Decorative Ideas

Cheap and cheerful and even the chance to get a little bit creative, add some decorative trimmings to your garden. Buy or make your own bunting to tie up in the trees. Bunting offers that festival vibe right in the heart of your garden and makes it seem like you’ve gone to a lot of effort. If you’re not much of a green finger, it’s also an alternative to having your flower beds filled with a colourful selection of flowers and plants.

Why Fires are Great in the Garden

It might be summer, but it’s still the UK. Even if you’re somewhere exotic, the likelihood is the evenings bring in a certain degree of chill. Not to worry, though. With the assistance of blankets and a fire to crowd around, the party can continue late into the night. There are a range of fires available depending on what you want.

Firepits: Firepits are generally the cheaper option as an addition to your garden. Costing between £20-£30, the perks of having a firepit is being able to see as well as feel the warmth of the naked flame. This creates a really cosy atmosphere in your garden and lets off heat that’ll breathe a new lease of life into your gathering. Although wood is likely to spit out over the top, firepits are easier to clean and maintain with its large rim. If the dangers of hot splinters flying out are an issue for those with children, you can buy a lid to go over the top to make it a safer area to be around.

Chimenea: The more efficient of the two, the closed-up style of chimeneas mean the wood you burn will last longer. You can also benefit from a cleanliness point of view with it unable to spit out as much. Choose from cast iron, more traditional designs to more chic, modern styles made from steel. Purely cast-iron products hold a hefty price tag up in the hundreds in comparison to its counterparts. However, if you look to buy chimeneas combining both cast-iron and steel available at the likes of B&Q and other home and garden retailers, you can bring the cost down dramatically to a more reasonable ticket value of between £40-£70. Clay chimeneas are also available with ornate designs.

What Outdoor Furniture Sets Suit You?

What garden furniture you buy comes down to what kind of gatherings you plan to host and also, you know, that little thing called your family. If your home is also overrun with children, you’ll likely want a table and chairs appropriate in size for your children to cram around whether or not you plan to host any parties. Not a fan of alfresco dining but want somewhere to perch with your morning coffee as the day starts? A bistro set might be more your style. Cheaper than your three-piece suite, the ultimate garden lounging and socialising can be found with cushioned seating, including rain-ready sofas, chairs and a table to match. Whatever you choose, ensure you’ve got a large umbrella to shield from the harmful UV rays and protect the youngsters in the height of summer.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a generous outdoors space, it would be silly not to make the most of it. Add those finishing touches, from festival bunting to firepits, add a note of music and your party is bound to be a hit. With the long evenings stretching out, it’s all too tempting not to invite a few friends over and open a bottle of wine, so why resist?



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