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Rooftop Solar Panels Could Make Selling Your House a Challenge: Here’s Why


Despite the government’s desire to subsidise clean energy reforms, is it still a good deal for homeowners? In the case of rooftop solar panels, the answer might be “no.” It all depends on whether you will try to sell your home later on or intend on living in it indefinitely. If you want to sell your home, this is how a prospective buyer might perceive the value once they noticed solar panels on the roof.

Why Solar Panels Intimidate New Home Buyers

Buying a new home is stressful enough. You have to do a lot of paperwork to prove you can afford a variable or fixed rate mortgage from your local bank. It has to be a sound investment too. However, more than all of that, the buyer has to be comfortable with the many home systems they may have to maintain, and that’s when they spot the solar panels on the roof and wonder about:

Maintenance – How does one operate and maintain solar panels? If they came from homes where the systems were traditional, they can be intimidated by the fact that they may have to check the system daily or weekly, depending on the weather condition. Will cloudy days cause problems for power? They may not be confident enough to take on the maintenance of a solar roof.

Technological Advances – If they do know something about solar roofs, they may decide that it’s an outdated model and may need replacement or removal before they move in. This can happen in the case of solar panels mounted visibly on the rooftop. They may be aware that within the next 5 years, new solar sheets and solar paints may pave the way for entirely new methods of harnessing solar power without an ugly roof display.

Aesthetics – They may not like the look of the solar panels on the roof, too. It may be too visually jarring. When they ask if they can remove the panels and add conventional systems, they may find out they can’t.

Solar Contracts – Whether the previous homeowner got the solar roof subsidised or rented the roof space only, there is a contract in place that may mean the new owners are not allowed to remove it. The previous homeowner may have used a free solar program to retrofit the roof, saddling future owners for as long as 25 years.

On top of all this, homeowner insurance rates may be higher because of the additional technology and because solar panels on the roof add weight to the roof that can lead to structural damage. It may be simply too much for the home buyer who will opt to buy a simpler home.



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  1. July 20, 2015 / 12:39 pm

    I never thought these struggles about solar panels if you wish to sell your house. When I thought of installing a solar panel in our roof year ago, I believe it’s an advantage. Now I am considering of removing it since we plan to sell the house soon.

  2. November 29, 2015 / 11:45 pm

    Installing solar panel for your house have a great advantage on saving energy. But locally, it can be a problem when it so happen to sell your house. You can design a place on where you can put all the solar panel so that it won’t be a problem selling the house.

  3. August 2, 2019 / 11:36 am

    Depending on how you decide to go solar, you may be able to benefit from your solar energy system during the home sales process. Studies show that homes with solar tend to sell more quickly and for higher prices (on average, 4.1 percent more) than comparable homes without solar.

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