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How to save money when changing your name

Have you ever fancied changing your name. I have. if I was to change my name I would change it to Elise or Kitty after my granny.) I am not sure why I just really love both of those name. What would you choose? Or do you like your name. I do like my name and am pretty lucky really I think I have had some friends with rather odd names. I will NOT mention them here though!

Many people do change their names for many different reasons,  sometimes a change of identity is part of moving on in life, or it is a protection or it is due to an adoption or …well the list can go on. Mine would be a pure whim!

I always thought that changing you name would require solicitor time, legal fees and maybe even having to go to court. In my mind it is a BIG DEAL.


Yes actually changing your name is a straightforward and inexpensive business and to a large extent you can simply go online and do it yourself. You will be sent the right documents and all you have to do is fill them, get them witnessed  and send off copies to all the people who need informing.

You can do this over at Simply Deedpolls from as little as £12.99.


Ooh I could change my name every month for  year and see which one I liked best|!


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