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Speedy and simple kitchen upgrades on a budget -10 top tips from Sophie Robinson

Today – kitchen upgrades on a budget

kitchen upgrades on a budget, tips form sophie robinson

Kitchen upgrades on a budget

Are you looking for kitchen upgrades on a budget? I have a real treat for you today – we have TV star and Interior Designer, Sophie Robinson who definitely knows a thing or two about design, sharing her top tips  on how to revamp a kitchen without having to redecorate or break the bank

Sophie Robinson has been working with Breville to launch their new range of Flow kettles and toasters and absolutely gorgeous they are too! They combine a beautiful classic designer look for a non-designer price from a quality and trusted brand. Exactly what we like here at Thrifty Home. They are textured and classy and look fabulous.

Sophie comments, “The kitchen is often described as the heart of the home; it’s a place where we can spend the most amount of time so creating an environment you delight in being in is important.”

I so totally agree with this. Our kitchen is absolutely the hub of our home and we need to love it for that very reason.

Over to Sophie for some top tips!


Top tips on how to revamp your kitchen by Sophie Robinson:

Painting your kitchen unit door fronts is a well-known makeover hack to give the room a whole new look. If you have shaker doors, consider applying some patterned wallpaper with a topcoat of varnish to protect it inside the panels.


Cluttered kitchen worktops can distract from even the most stylish of kitchens. To avoid messy clutter, clear away as much off the worktop as you can and reorganise your cupboards, to fit as much in as possible. A nifty idea is to place a Lazy Susan inside your corner cupboards so you can easily access jars and bottles and make the most of those hard to reach spaces.


Now your worktops are neat and tidy you can start to think about how to style them up. Aim to have only lovely things on display only  and play around with the items you keep out by grouping them in pairs or odd numbers, like 5 or 3.  It works well visually to make sure you have items of different height and texture too.


I’m a real colour lover and enjoy adding as much as I can to my designs, and the kitchen is no exception. I’ve just wallpapered my kitchen in a brightly coloured botanical wallpaper and it looks fantastic. You can have fun grouping things by colour families – from your collection of cookbooks to your crockery. This will bring a sense of harmony.


If bright colours are not your thing and you prefer neutral tones, and like things plain and simple you should think about introducing texture to stop your kitchen appearing bland and uninteresting. The Flow kettles and toasters from Breville®, with their stylish, textured appearance, are just perfect for this chic and minimal look.


Ditch wall units in favour of some open plan shelving. For a modern look why not try sleek and modern floating shelves and some swish LED back lighting.



More kitchen upgrades on a budget


Tile stickers are such a quick and instant way to update tiles that no longer suit your scheme. You can get amazing patterned designs or something that mimics real stone. There are lots of design possibilities out there and it’s a great way to add some instant personality. Better still, you can just peel them off when you fancy a new look.


Living plant walls are such a hot trend in interiors at the moment and the kitchen is a great place to try out this look. Create your living wall by arranging a series of potted herbs, which hang from the wall on hooks at different levels or display them on a wall rack. They’ll be useful for cooking too!


Replacing worktops can be a real game changer and it is not too hard to do. Believe it or not I’m a real fan of affordable laminate worktops. Steer clear of fake granite or wood designs and instead pick a worktop with a modern pop of colour. The colour du jour is either a pale pink or try a rich forest green.


Whenever I’m designing a room on a budget I often think of where I can make the most impact for the least money. In my opinion that’s often the floor. For ease and affordability, I’d recommend rolling out a new piece of lino in a really eye-arresting bold geometric print. So very fashionable and a great focal point in the room.


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Thank you so much, Sophie, for these top tips  on Kitchen upgrades on a budget

Herbs are a lovely thing to have in your kitchen why not take a peek at my post on the easiest herbs to grow

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