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Spruce Up Your Garden for the Fall

 Spruce Up Your Garden


Spruce Up Your Garden for the Fall

Most people enjoy spending time in their gardens when it’s warm outside. And what’s not to like? Fresh air, warm weather, and a nicely decorated backyard is all you need for an enjoyable afternoon.

However, as we transition into colder weather, many people are abandoning their back yards until the spring and the return of warm and sunny weather. However, it doesn’t have to be like that. There are still plenty of nice days in the fall and you can enjoy them outdoors with just a few small adjustments to your garden.

Decorate for the Season

Early fall is the harvest season, a time when leaves turn marvelous shades of yellows and reds. You can incorporate that detail into your yard decorations. For instance, having pumpkins around is not only indicative of the upcoming Halloween, but also of the season itself.

If you have a creative spark in you, you can make wreaths made of fallen leaves and various fall blossoms can really give the touch of elegance and personality to your back yard.

Repaint Everything

After a long summer of scorching sun and relentless heat, chances are that some of your paint is chipping. You will need to apply a coat of paint or some lacquer in order to protect your woodwork during the cold winter. Well, if you want to really make your backyard pop, you should choose fall colors to go with the surroundings, like deep reds or browns.

Add Lights

During the fall, it gets dark earlier in the day. That means that you will need some kind of a light if you want to spend time there. However, running a porch light all day can be fairly expensive.

Fortunately, there is an alternative. Solar lamps designed specifically for gardens like these http://www.streetlights-solar.com/lawn-lights.html use no additional electricity, but rather produce their own. What’s more, they are designed to fit in with your garden, so they won’t stand out and disrupt the style you have selected for your back yard.

Plant Fall Flowers

There are several types of flowers which blossom in the fall, which makes them ideal for keeping the back yard looking lively and vibrant even as everything else is slowly preparing for winter.

Plants like Asters, Heleniums, and Sedums are well known among the gardeners, so make sure that you have them decorating your flower beds. Look into flower bulbs as well like tulips, paperwhites, or amaryllis bulbs.

Apart from flowers, there are numerous types of decorative grasses. One of the most beloved types is Joe Pye Weed, which blooms in the most beautiful gentle pinks during the fall.

Finally, if you have a patio or a similar structure, you may want to cultivate a creeper plant, like ivy. Boston Ivy turns into magnificent red tones during the fall which you cannot match with anything else.

Clear Away the Foliage

The downside of having a big back yard with plenty of trees and other plants is the amount of leaves which falls off during the fall. However, if you want to enjoy your fall garden properly, you will have to put in a little effort and rake the leaves.

Even though it is a hard and tedious task, once you see the garden without the clutter of leaves, you will really appreciate how beautiful the fall can actually be.

Another thing to remember when cleaning the leaves is to clear out the gutters. Leaves can create a clog in your gutters, which can result in overflowing problems. Fortunately, clearing away leaves from your gutters is not a long task. It is a vital one, however.

These ideas will help you have your garden for a little longer and enjoy the fall as much as possible.

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  1. Adrian at ninjaDIY
    January 7, 2018 / 1:46 pm

    Hey Becky, good article! Congrats.

    Can’t wait to start to apply this tips on my garden, just need to find the time to do it:)

    I am guilty as well of not doing anything on my garden untill the warm whether is coming back … but after reading this it might be a good idea to at least clean it a little bit and apply some protrction to the wood!

    Thanks for sharing!

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