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Style Challenge: Printer Crafting

So this month the Post Office Shop has challenged me and the three other bloggers in my style challenge crew to come up with the most stylish/impressive/creative use for a home printer.


Jen, Amanda and Penny may have a bit of a different take on this challenge to me. I’m thinking money saving and creative for my project!

In our house we love banners and these days you can find banner making kits pretty easily. But, when you have a printer, you really can reduce your costs and make your own banner form scratch.

I chatted my idea over with the kids who both have birthdays looming but rather sweetly they both decided they want to make a banner for their lovely daddy for fathers day.

How to make bunting


First of all we drew a triangle with the shapes icon on Word then used word art letters to make giant letters and we spelt out daddy one letter on each page. We printed out the triangle 5 times on coloured paper then on plain white paper we printed out the letters. easy as pie and took only a few minutes.

Then the fun really began.


We decorated the letters using any and every craft item we had to hand. It  was such fun. Pom poms and glue seemed to fly everywhere but its all part if the fun isn’t it.


Once the letters were decorated we cut them out and stuck them to the upside down triangles. When dry we turned them over and stuck string across the back of them with tape (do get them in the right order…ahem)


I think our banner looks pretty fabulous, delightfully home-made and really it was almost cost free to make.


Printers aren’t just for printing boring things like invoices. Oh  no! Keep on crafting everyone ..the end results are totally bespoke, made with love and will save you money too.

So how did we get on in the style challenge?Do you think these other bloggers did better?have a look at their printer crafts here:

Amanda  shares her art at The Ana Mum Diary

Penny is crafting over at AResidence

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Whose is your favourite?

 daddy bunting

Please share the thrifty ♥


  1. June 10, 2015 / 9:35 pm

    I love this, it is beautifully creative and just perfect

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