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The benefits of a TV bed

What are the benefits of a TV bed?

Oh there are so many benefits of a TV bed  Let me tell you my top 5:

The benefits of a TV bed

Bedroom TV’s can be an eyesore

Bedroom TV’s can be an eyesore in the bedroom and if this matters to you then having a TV bed is a lovely way to have the TV tucked away out of sight for when it is not in use.


You don’t have to get out of bed

You really don’t even have to get out of you warm cost bed to fiddle with the TV which is a fabulous benefit!  The TV is controlled and controlled and lifted electronically from within its compartment at the base of the bed making it all so easy!


There are a wide choice of fabrics and style

Just because it’s a functional piece of furniture does not mean it isn’t super comfortable and super stylish. Head over here for the largest range of TV Beds in the UK you are bound to find something in the style that works for you


They even have single TV beds

They even have TV beds that are single beds which would work perfectly in a child’s room ( you can make sure that TV is firmly tucked out of the way before they go to sleep. These would work really well for a student or is space limited too.


They are huge space savers

Whether you are someone who likes a spacious and minimalist look in their bedroom or someone who lives in a tiny home, one thing is for sure, a TV bed is a  huge space saver. Sure you could put a TV on a wall but personally, I think that could look really unsightly and who wants all those trailing wires.  A TV that just sinks back in your bed really unclutters your space.


So yes oh my goodness so many benefits of a TV bed. I am really tempted. Would you have or have you ever had a TV bed?


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