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The Benefits of Reclaimed Furniture

What do you know about reclaimed furniture?

It is something I am really drawn and there really are some excellent reasons why.

Reclaimed furniture is furniture made from old timber and can have a number or origins, from old furniture,  building joists, floorboards or beams. There are many benefits to reclaimed furniture and I for one am a big fan. Here’s why I think it is so very special and a really great option for a thrifty home.


The Benefits of Reclaimed Furnitureall images of furniture are taken from the collection at Unni and Evans


A thriftier choice

Wood is a lovely but sometimes pricey furniture option. Most reclaimed wood furniture items are cheaper than brand new wood. So you still get solid wood quality but at a better price.


The benefit to the environment

‘Britain alone disposes of approximately 5 million tonnes of wood every single year, which is a terrible waste, especially when much of this timber could instead be repurposed. In recent years, thankfully an increasing amount of good quality timber is being retrieved and put to great use as sustainable furniture pieces. ( source: Unni and Evans)

We absolutely need to protect our forests and reduce our waste so reclaimed furniture can only be a good thing.


The weathered look

Because reclaimed wood will look already slightly weathered and distressed it will not suffer form being marked or worn so you do not have to be so concerned about keeping it perfectly pristine. This is a huge benefit if the wood is to be used around kids.


Strong and robust

Because this wood has been used before and been around for a while you know it is tough and durable and that it will last.


Character and Personality

Just like a book that has been read and loved a piece of reclaimed wood comes with history and story to tell. It is much less like to be smooth and sterile as a brand new piece of wood can be but its lumps and bumps will make it unique and infused with character.

So as you can see there are loads of benefits to reclaimed furniture – and of course, it is beautiful with no two pieces ever being exactly the same.


Unni and Evans

Unni and Evans is an independent online furniture retailer, in particular specialising in reclaimed ranges. Their furniture is absolutely stunning let me show you a few of their pieces.

This range is made from driftwood…


This is from the Asia reclaimed wood range


And from the Paxford rustic range


Reclaimed furniture often has a rustic appearance too so let me show you some of the rustic pieces from their range too

This a Loxton industrial style console table,

and how about this Wadeford grey shabby chic set of drawers



As you can see reclaimed furniture can suit any style or decor and can see there is a wide choice of high-quality pieces.

With so many benefits it is hard to ignore the increasing appeal of reclaimed wood furniture

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