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The Features and Functionality of Manual Key Machines by CLK

Key Machines are utilized by hardware Stores, Mobile Locksmiths, and Small Store Counters to Duplicate Keys. The manual machine works at 12V while the others work at 110V. The devices have a wholly encased motor inside cast metal housing for light to hardcore work. Selectable jaws provide simplicity—a mounting kit clamps down the machine to the store table or in a vehicle. Measurements change with every style.

Our picks include the mechanical key cutting machine for a vehicle, flat cylinder, and cruciform keys. It has four-sided turning clamps with a dynamometric control framework, a mechanical tracer point, and a single-speed cutter engine. The manual models are ideal duplicators for any key cutting outlet.


Manual Key Machines


Manual Key Machines – Features

  • Dependable construction: The carriage shaft bushings use an innovation employed in the car business and are covered with unique oils that assure better sliding and protection from wear. Their dust eliminating system blocks the interruption of metal chippings while cutting for more extended life and more precise cutting outcomes.
  • Easy to handle carriage: Smooth and stable carriage motions. The plays while moving the carriage are diminished to the minimum for exact key cutting procedures because of the unique inner mechanism.
  • Simple Calibration: The machine is outfitted with a mechanical tracer point with a micrometric change ring nut (+/ – 0,05 mm) for an exact key cutting.
  • Applicable and ergonomic workstation: The red button delivers the carriage between the clamps, which naturally triggers the cutter for practical and safe key cutting jobs. The ergonomic switches and handles and the neon light in an upgraded position over the key cutting zone guarantee the work station is well-situated and well lit.
  • Streamlined four-sided clamps: The four-sided fasteners fit a wide assortment of keys and highlight a simple-to-rotate framework for a quick tool change. The licensed dynamometric clipping framework with controlled motion knobs guarantees great key locking. The grasp is adjusted and secured to avoid harm to the key and the clamp because of excessive pressure.
  • Devoted brush start button: The deburring brush is made of tynex and is turned on through the committed switch. It turns at a similar speed to the cutter (650 rpm in the 230V adaptation and 780 rpm in the 120V form).
  • Safety Tools: The on-off switch includes a security cut-out for client safety. The machine should be physically restarted after a power surge. The carriage can’t be released until the measures have been stopped to avoid incidental harm.


Safety, comfort, simplicity, adaptability, and cutting velocity are the immediate benefits offered to the client on account of CLK’s innovative novelties. When you need to make numerous duplicates of copy keys, visit manual key machines by CLK supplies for a great key cutting machine. Look at our variety of key cutting gear, including key cutters and an assortment of key machine parts, for example, deburring brushes, substitution belts, cutters, and everything else.

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