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The Lesser Known Behaviors that Deplete Your Energy

Energy is the general ability to do work and support change. It plays a very significant role in our survival. Energy fuels all kinds of biological processes and often gets depleted. While eating and sleeping can help replenish energy levels, it is also helpful to have strategies for conserving body energy.

Sometimes, things that require more energy, like physical activity or mental challenges, build more energy in the body by strengthening our muscles and stamina. However, exerting energy on the wrong things can deplete us easily and make it challenging to rebuild energy levels.

While it is normal for energy levels to fluctuate during the day, identifying what’s causing you to feel constantly drained is the first step to getting your pep back. Here are some lesser-known habits that lead many people to be low-energy.

The Lesser Known Behaviors that Deplete Your Energy

Sleeping Too Much

Sleep is a significant contributor to energy balance and health in general. A good night’s sleep can make you more energetic and is an essential staple of optimal health.

Sleeping seven to nine hours a night regularly is ideal for an adult to have a healthy and normal level of brain and body function. This way, sleep helps the body cut down on performance-based energy demands.

In other words, getting enough sleep often helps conserve and restore energy. Anything less than that will leave us feeling tired and irritable. Note that anything more than that too regularly can also lead to low energy and fatigue. Unfortunately, more than a third of adults in the U.S. sleep for less than seven hours per night.


Body Pain

Pains or ailments in the body can drain us of energy and make it challenging to move freely. We typically use both emotional and physical energy to deal with pain, making us feel drained.

Also, some pains tend to cause a general lack of sleep or prevent you from sleeping well. So, do your best to relieve it if you are experiencing recurring pain anywhere in the body. Consider a massage, physical therapy, or a doctor visit for more complex treatment options, like surgery.

There are also at-home remedies to help, such as getting a mattress to relieve pain and alleviate stress in the body. Consider the best side sleeper mattress with back pain that conforms to the body and supports the spine while you sleep.



Carbohydrates in starches like pasta, rice, and bread will drain your energy because it takes a lot for your body to digest them. Carbohydrates are also sugars. Anything with a lot of added sugar will zap your energy.

It may feel like sugar gives you an energy pick-me-up, but it will cause a sugar crash and leave your energy lower than it was to start. Furthermore, such sugary foods tend to be addictive and might spiral you into an endless energy-depleting cycle. Instead, try to have a healthy snack with at least one ounce of protein.

The Lesser Known Behaviors that Deplete Your Energy


Caffeine in moderation doesn’t have too much effect on your energy. However, if you are dependent on it and drink a lot of it throughout the day, it can lower energy levels. Caffeine also impacts your sleep. So avoid drinking it after midday to ensure it is out of your system by bedtime.


Stress and Negativity

Stress and negativity are toxic to the body. They often disrupt sleep patterns and cause chronic fatigue, resulting in reduced energy levels.

Complaining too much or listening to someone else complain too much doesn’t have sound effects on the body. It is an energy-draining habit that often leads to emotional exhaustion, which can be detrimental to your health.

The behaviors you choose to partake in can affect your body, just as food affects your weight. So, it is always best to focus on things that make you happy and more productive.


Low-Calorie Foods

While high-calorie, high-carb foods will leave you feeling groggy and draggy, low-calorie foods can do the same. Your body needs calories to have energy throughout the day.

Not getting enough sugar or calories can leave you low energy throughout the day. But remember to keep them in check to avoid being a victim of a sugar crash.

Expend Your Energy Wisely

Energy is a quantitative property that enables you to do work. It often fuels and supports important biological processes, meaning that it is normal for energy levels to fluctuate with time. But if you always feel groggy and constantly drained, you might be unknowingly focusing your energy on the wrong things.

Think of it as a bad habit that you aren’t aware of yet. Some lesser-known energy-draining behaviors include sleeping too much, body pain, prolonged stress, eating carbohydrate-laden foods, drinking caffeine before bedtime, and not getting enough calories.


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