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The nations favourite Christmas decoration is…?

So have you ever wondered what the nations favourite Christmas decoration is?


Is it a Christmas tree?

Is it tinsel?

Is it your Grandma’s passed down and much loved baubles.

Actually it is none of the things.

As the festive period approaches, most people will be enjoying the Christmas decorations which are springing up across homes, offices, shops and town centres, but what are Brits’ favourite Christmas Decorations?

Baytree Interiors, a luxury home interiors retailer, asking 1,000 UK residents a series of questions about Christmas.

They asked  ‘What type of Christmas decorations are your favourite?’ Respondents could choose multiple answers from a range of different types of decorations.

Here are the UK’s top 5 Christmas decorations:
1. Christmas lights – 42%
2. Christmas tree – 38%
3. Baubles – 24%
4. Tinsel – 15%
5. Christmas wreath – 14%


So it turns out Christmas lights have been voted the UK’s favourite Christmas decoration

I am rather shocked by the tinsel, am not a fan of tinsel!

Baytree interiors also asked  ‘What type of Christmas tree do you have?’  49% said they had a fake or plastic tree. 18% of those polled revealed that they preferred a real tree at Christmas, but  23% said that they didn’t have a tree at all!

The majority of respondents who said they didnt have a tree said that they didn’t have the space for one, while others said that they had small children or pets and didn’t want any accidents.

I think the only time I have not had a tree was when I was a student. How about you?

Julian Potter from Baytree Interiors said, “It’s no surprise that plastic Christmas trees have become hugely popular over the past few years as people try to be more eco-friendly, but what is more surprising is that 23% of people don’t have a tree at all.”

“Although some people may not have space for a tree in their home, there are other decorations that can create the holiday spirit; Christmas lights, wreaths and Christmas stocking are a great way to add festive colour to the home whilst not taking up much space.”


What is your favourite Christmas decoration?



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