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The Secrets of Quick Cleaning of Your Home

The Secrets of Quick Cleaning

The Secrets of Quick Cleaning

The Secrets of Quick Cleaning

Are you looking for the secrets of quick cleaning your home?

It’s finally time for the long-awaited dinner party. You have prepared for it for two whole weeks! You have made a list for the dinner menu, you have picked up the songs for the evening, and you have bought the most expensive wine. And two hours before the arrival of the guests, you look around and what do you see- you need a general cleaning of the apartment, and you do not know where to start. The carpet is full of stains, smells quite unpleasant, and you notice it in the most inappropriate moment. Sounds familiar, right? You have two options: contact ProLux Carpet Cleaning for carpet cleaning of your home at an affordable price or option two: follow our house cleaning tips. If you choose the first option and contact ProLux, you can enjoy those two precious hours to take care for yourself. ProLux experts are equipped with the most innovative cleaning products, and they will return your carpet its former beauty. However, if you decide to take care for the problem yourself, check this article! We will tell you how to properly clean the house before the arrival of important or unexpected guests. We will give you 5 tips for cleaning your home.

  1. General cleaning of the apartment: where to start?

Want to know how to clean an apartment? Firstly, if your house has several floors, then the general cleaning of the apartment should begin from the top. Otherwise, all dust and dirt from above will settle on the lower floors that have already been cleaned. In addition, you should start cleaning the house by wiping tables, drawers and other work surfaces. Only after that proceed to sweeping, wiping and cleaning the floor with a vacuum cleaner.

  1. Make a house cleaning plan: tips

Perhaps the advice on making a plan on how to clean up properly will seem a little strange to you – you are in a hurry! But it’s really important to prioritize. What is more important for you: to make your guests comfortable, to feel comfortable, or to make your kitchen utensils shine? If the first, then postpone the cleaning of silverware for the last moment. Start the general cleaning of the apartment with dusting, cleaning and tidying the toilet and bathroom and, of course, create all possible amenities for your guests.

  1. Work wisely on – The Secrets of Quick Cleaning

House cleaning requires not only skills, but also worldly wisdom. Think about which of the rooms you need to clean in the first place, where to start the general cleaning of the apartment? Perhaps you will remember things that you might have missed, in a hurry looking for advice on how to clean. The few minutes you spend thinking about this will save you a ton of energy and time.

For example, cleaning the bathroom and washing the toilet always takes a lot of time. Therefore, start with it. Wipe the mirrors and shelves in the bathroom using special detergents. Then clean the toilet, and only then wash the floor, starting from the far corner and ending with the threshold.

  1. House Cleaning: Tips

Big is seen in the distance, but little things catch the eye right away. That is why the important cleaning tip for your home is to focus on the details.

  1. Find helpers – The Secrets of Quick Cleaning depend on this!

To make the general cleaning of the apartment as fast and efficient as possible, call for the help of relatives and friends. Separate responsibilities using a housekeeping plan. Let everyone be responsible for his or her own territory, and the children learn how to clean the house, for example, by wiping the dust.

Having finished cleaning the house, do not forget about yourself. Relieve a sigh, take a shower and dress up. You worked hard and deserved a worthy reward – the holiday begins!


I hope the secrets of quick cleaning your home prove useful!


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