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Things to do when the football is on

I used to be in my school football team and I think football is a great game actually, lots of skill and teamwork involved I just cannot bear to sit in on a Saturday afternoon and stare at the TV. I tend to use the time to craft with my daughter or take her out on her bike. Seems such a waste of the day to me to be watching TV. But the men in my house just love it.

And don”t get me wrong, I do adore watching my son playing football. I am so proud of his strong, fast little legs, his fabulous team spirit and his I’ll tackle anyone attitude. But I  like to go and watch football when it is sunny and light. Watching him train in the cold and the dark really is not my idea of fun. So my husband takes him to training in winter and I do the brownie run..then I get a whole hour to myself. Work is done for the day, everyone is out, tea is over and it is my time.

So what do I do with this precious time?

Usually I have a  bath, call my best friend or read a magazine. I really relish it. Pampering myself is not something I am too good at, and often I feel bad about it. But because its only an hour and a half I seem able to really embrace the pamper time.

Last week I received the most fabulous of pamper parcels courtesy of Betfair and I have to tell you I have treats galore in store.  I have chocolate to eat in lots of forms, luxury popcorn to indulge myself with, a candle to relax me, gorgeous body cream, bath bomb and hot chocolate spoons and aromatherapy bath gel. All for me.

The hamper from Pamper Parcels really is a bit special…


I was thinking the other day how very hard I work for my family. Of course its part and parcel of loving and nurturing them but really sometimes the effort involved seems endless.. clothes, teachers gift, friends to play, meals, tying shoes, running baths, helping with homework and so on and so on. I absolutely need and deserve some me time. So all the treats in my pamper parcel are going to be just for me (I may share a chocolate button or two!)

So that is what I am going to do when the football is on.

Hurray for football!


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  1. sarah christie
    December 21, 2014 / 8:50 am

    I used to hate football being on, but now I am a blogger I embrace it as it gives me time to blog in peace, I love your parcel its looks fab. I just love getting parcels like this xx

  2. December 24, 2014 / 9:02 am

    You were on your school football team?! Blimey I barely made the tug of war team 😉

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