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This Spring Make The Most Of Your Light (Now That We Actually Have Some)

Believe it or not… Spring is just around the corner. On the 20th March Winter will finally take its boot off our throats and bring with it a brighter, kinder climate. At least we hope so; the increasing speed of climate change few things can be taken for granted today. Nonetheless, the mornings are growling lighter, brighter and more optimistic and the days are staying longer keeping that oppressive dark at bay. The transition from winter to spring has been a difficult one (none of us were completely prepared for the furious cold of Storm Emma), but it looks like we may finally be out of the woods.


As the weather becomes fairer, many readers will be thinking of making some changes to the home. Be it in the form of some full blown renovations, a little redecoration or even just a little spruce here and there, there are many ways in which we’ll all be injecting a little seasonal cheer into our decor in the coming season. One of the best ways to ready your home for the advent of spring is to think about how your interior decor will capitalise on the new influx of natural light. No matter what the size, shape or layout of your home, no matter what your budget or your personal taste, there are many ways in which you can transform even the darkest and drabbest of homes into a bright and airy space full of spring cheer.


Natural light does more than just brighten your room    

There’s a reason we feel a universal sense of brightness and relief around spring time. Many of us (whether we’re aware of it or not) suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which darkens our mood and negatively influences our behaviour in myriad ways that add up to detract from our overall quality of life. Most of us spend the winter months feeling down, lethargic, emotionally erratic or insular while also feeling frustrated by our inability to ascertain the cause. If this seems achingly familiar, you’ve likely felt these feelings abate over the past few weeks (or at least before the storm sunk her claws in).


Access to natural light is highly beneficial to our health. It does more than brighten up our room, it brightens up our mood, too. It also improves cognitive function, productivity and aids our sleeping patterns. It’s safe to say that we should all be doing more of it, at home and at work. Here are some ways in which you can get more even on a modest budget.


Ouvre la porte!

If you’re often frustrated by the lack of light afforded by your windows and doors (and the ridiculous cost of your heating bills), you may benefit from installing a set of French doors. While they represent an upfront investment, the spring is the perfect time to reap the benefits. The great thing about buying French doors in the digital age is that you can use an online UPVC French door designer. This will enable you to get a realistic look at what you’ll be buying prior to committing, while also affording you complete customisation of your doors in terms of their appearance and materials. You can even get a free upgrade to A+ BFRC rating to ensure that you get great insulation alongside the sense of light and space inherent to French doors.


It’s all done with mirrors

The more shiny surfaces your home has, the more light will be reflected naturally throughout the home. Of course we all know that mirrors are great not only for reflecting light, but for creating a sense of openness and space which can open up any room regardless of the amount of space you have to work with. But then, who says that the benefits of this effect had to stop with mirrors? If you’re looking for fun and creative ways to bring more sine to your room, consider chandelier effect light shades, brass lighting, gold and silver candlesticks and mirrored wall sconces to maximise your home’s glimmer and shine.

Make The Most Of Your Light



Use warming colours

While a rising or setting sun can create a beautiful splash of colour on a white or magnolia wall, it’s understandable that many will want to bring some bolder colours into the home. This coming spring, the trend for walls will veer towards subtle gelato / ice cream shades. These soft pinks, greens, blues and yellows will add a sense of warmth to the light coming into the home that belies the brisk chill outside.



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