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Three Ways to Prosper From Your Property

Most of us feel the pinch financially at times, but did you know the answer to your money worries could be right in your own home? Here are just three ways you can prosper from your property- earning money at, or with your home.


Prosper From Your Property



Sell What You Don’t Need

Did you know there could be hundreds, maybe even thousands of pounds right under your feet at home? If you’ve ever upgraded a phone, tablet, computer or laptop and kept the old one then this is easy money. Most of us throw these kinds of things in a drawer and forget about them, but you can get good money from them- even older models. Clothes sell well online, if you’ve ever impulse bought anything and regretted it then someone will happily take the item off your hands and pay for the privilege. There are companies that buy games, cds and dvds, broken jewellery- lots of things that you might consider junk actually have some value to them. Have a declutter, and then sell everything you no longer need. You could go to a car boot, you could sell to a company, through ebay or local classifieds ads.


Rent Out a Room

Do you have a room in your home that isn’t being used? Maybe you’ve contacted loft or basement companies as you want to add some value to your home by adding another room, but are worried it won’t get used. If so, renting it out could be the way to go. This could be a short term let of six months to a year, and could provide you with good income which could help you save money or get out of debt. Or it could be a longer term plan where you have lodgers living with you constantly,. If you live in or near a large city, near a popular workplace like a hospital or by a university you could be sitting on a gold mine with a spare room. Lots of people need a basic room which is close to where they work or study and you can earn good money from this. Check out listings for other rooms in your area to see what you’re likely to achieve. If this is a longer term plan, you could consider upgrading the room and adding an ensuite which would achieve you more rent.


Work From Home

These days, there are many legitimate ways you can earn money from home. You can do this in a flexible way, and around any other job or child care commitments that you have. You could start a blog, it can take time to get established but will eventually earn you money if you work hard and go about it in the right way. You could become a freelancer or start a home business. You could do this in your spare time and wouldn’t even need to leave the house. It’s a fantastic way to boost your income, just be sure to register and pay the right taxes on what you earn.


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