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The top 2 thrifty ways to transform your home

The two thriftiest options I know to make your home look better simply require some time and effort and a little focus.

All you need to do is …

1)  declutter


2) have a good old clean.


Rather than spending lots of money on new things and additional storage to make your home look better a good clutter removal can work wonders , freeing up surfaces and getting rid of tatty and unloved items.Just grab some bin liners and room by room just do it. One back for rubbish and one for the charity shop and a little box for things to sell on. An hour a day and a room a day and you will have made great inroads by the end of the week. Don’t make the mistake of buying more storage and spending money on keeping your clutter hidden ..nope get rid! It feels and looks amazing!


Rather than buying stuff that looks all new and shiny it is entirely possible to achieve that new and shiny look with a really good clean. not only is it much cheaper than buying new things  it is also extremely satisfying. You also don’t have to spend a fortune on cleaning products as many household objects have great cleaning properties. Did you know, for example that toothpaste can work absolute wonders on  silver and that lemons are a fabulous disinfectant for surfaces.

A deep clean has an additional impact it can make your home smell absolutely wonderful and really blow the dust and cobwebs away. It can also make for a much healthier home so you will not only have it looking better but you will FEEL better two!

No need to spend money transforming your home a bit of a declutter and clean and you will have it looking fabulous.

I love this infographic from Spaceways

Spring Cleaning Infographic from SpaceWays

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