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Top 5 most stylish door handles for a modern home


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Stylish door handles for a modern home – where to look

Are you on the hunt for new stylish door handles for a modern home? Maybe you want to refresh your home with some new door handles or you might have just moved into a new property and are looking to start completely fresh with a whole new house renovation.

At Ironmongery Experts we supply a variety of ironmongery for sale, from front door handles to kitchen cabinet handles. Our family business was established in 1992, and in that time, we have gained a great amount of knowledge about all types of ironmongery for homes and offices. Continue reading below for our selection of the top five most stylish door handles for a modern home.


  1. Rose gold lever handle on rose

Who said that the rose gold trend is over? This door handle is suitable for various contemporary homes and will add elegance to any door. The rose gold colour will standout within the rest of your home décor.


  1. Polished chrome Kua lever on square rose

This chunky door handle features a square rose and a lever with a peened effect face. It will provide any door with a textured piece to further enhance the look of a door.

most stylish door handles

  1. From the Anvil small mushroom door knob

Traditional mushroom style handcrafted by From the Anvil. This door knob is ideal for mortice and rim door locks and is available in a variety of finishes.

  1. From the Anvil ball mortice knob

Solid cast ball mortice knob which can be also used with rim locks. This classic door knob style is impressively simple, but at the same time has a strong and clean design.

stylish door handles for a modern homes

  1. Forme urban drank bronze lever

Manufactured in Italy, the Forme door handles breathe elegance, combining a sleek design with functionality. This door handle features small stunning line details and a square rose.

Why stylish door handles matter

Stylish Door handles are a highly important feature to any interior. As Vincent Wolf mentioned on Architectural Digest, door handles are as important to an interior as shoes are to an outfit.

But what type of door handles are ideal for your home? Should I purchase door handles or door knobs? Should I use the same door handles throughout the house or can I mix and match? Those are all great questions – let’s run you through them.

Setting an overall maximum budget will guide you and help you in your quest to find the perfect door handles for your home. Dave’s DIY Tips mentions that “the first step in choosing the right door handles for you, is to work out what you’re prepared to pay.”

After putting down a budget, you’ll have to consider your house decoration, as well as the type of building your home is. For example, you wouldn’t buy Victorian gothic door handles for a modern home; it is always better to buy door handles which will complement your home and its décor.

Then, you’ll also have to consider who will be using the door handles. Door knobs might not be a great option, in case you have little ones or live with elderly people, as these handles can be more difficult to use. Otherwise, door knobs can be mixed with door levers throughout the home.

Overall, we’d recommend having fun decorating your home with ironmongery. This type of door furniture can be overlooked, however tiny details like door knobs and door levers can add style and a stunning visual impact to any door when carefully chosen.

stylish door handles for a modern home

Do you have any more questions regarding ironmongery? Contact Ironmongery Experts by emailing  info@ironmongeryexperts.co.uk or by phoneon 01376 557 561. They’ll be happy to help you choose the perfect door handles for your property.

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