How to update your bathroom on a budget


update your bathroom on a budget

Sometimes it is the smallest changes that make the biggest difference when you wish  to update your bathroom on a budget

I was looking at my bathroom the other day and it was looking a little bleak a bit dingy and disorganised. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was wrong so I did what I always do when something feels a bit off. I made a list of what could put it better.

The list was actually surprisingly short:

1. Need new towels and facecloths

2. Quick repaint

3. More storage

4. A thorough clean

A  deep clean and a quick trip to purchase towels and flannels all in white (not practical I know but so nice) and a tub of white bathroom paint and 3 easy updates achieved.

Then I  looked at the shower gels  and perfumes, hair products and lip balms, body lotions and make up that seem to have overrun our current storage and are sitting on various surfaces.  I can’t seem to do without any of them so finding them a home has to be the answer.

I need more storage, but the room isn’t very big so any bathroom furniture we purchase would  somehow just seamlessly have to fit in!


I do like the idea of vanity units with the sink built in . It would take up no extra room yet add that vitally needed storage.  I think this looks quite sleek too.

A double mirrored cabinet would also add some extra storage ..and by reflecting the light make the room look bigger rather than smaller despite the addition of something new.

When you Bella Bathrooms you need to think  practically but also if it really work with the room. A bathroom is often the smallest room in the house so you really can’t afford for it too look cluttered or for the furniture in it not to smoothly blend in.

This bathroom is such a good example, the storage units blend seamlessly with the room.

Moods Pistachio Bathroom Furniture


Nothing makes a bathroom look worse then ‘stuff’ everywhere. Just a simple storage solution can make a huge difference and give you back that spa like calm you want from this room.

A bathroom to work it needs to look, clean, calm and uncluttered. It doesn’t take a fortune to achieve just a clean room, fresh towels, fresh paint and adequate storage.

Every thrifty home can have a fabulous bathroom.



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  1. Katie haydock
    October 25, 2014 / 8:36 pm

    I think you’re totally right – it is amazing what a bit of sugar soap and elbow grease can do to update a room.
    We are hoping to add a heated towel rail to our dinky bathroom before the winter sets in.
    Great post xx

  2. Kathy Lane
    August 18, 2017 / 12:46 pm

    My bathroom is in great need of a good cleaning I have been wanting to paint but wonder if it would be worth it. Now I know it will. New fluffy rugs? I think so.

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