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Upgrading And Improving The Look Of Your Sash Windows

Sash windows can look great in traditional properties, and with the right decoration and work, they can look equally effective in a modern home too. Whether you have wooden windows or uPVC, the key is to ensure that they are clean, that you have the right handles and hardware to achieve the look that you want, and never overlook how effective measured curtains and blinds can be. Some experimentation may be necessary if you want to be sure that you have got the best look, or you can have poles and curtains made according to your measurements so that they fit perfectly.

Whether your sash windows are made from uPVC or wood, they need to be well maintained. The mechanisms and tracks should be cleaned, and if you want to upgrade wooden sash windows then strip them down, sand them, and paint them. White or off-white are traditional colours, but if you want a more modern look, then don’t be afraid to experiment with colour.

Replace handles, weights, and other hardware while you are updating or upgrading sash windows. There is a wide selection of finishes to choose from, including ultra-modern chrome finish handles, and this means that you can create the look that best fits with your room.

Roller blinds are considered a suitable window dressing in rooms like the bathroom and kitchen. These blinds typically sit inside the recess of the window box, affording privacy when closed but offering decent light through. Different colours, materials, and patterns of roller blind can be used, with these rooms often benefiting from a colourful and even playful design.

In other rooms, sash windows can utilise recessed curtains, floor length curtains, or three quarter length curtains. Tie backs can be used so that the period windows can be displayed during the day, while privacy can be afforded at night. The size of the window and personal preference will ultimately determine which type of curtain is best suited to your room and your window.

You can even choose to leave the sash windows completely uncovered. A decorative pelmet can be affixed above the window, and there are many options of pelmet design that you can use. Carved wooden pelmets, decorative textile pelmets, or even a gilded pelmet can be chosen to add a touch of glamour, tradition, or opulence, according to the style and décor of the room.

Sash windows are most often found in period buildings, and they are considered a good looking and beneficial feature by most people. However, they aren’t to everybody’s tastes, but rather than having them removed and replaced with new or different windows, you can work with them to create a style that fits your preferences and matches the design of your room.



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