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Upgrading Your Kitchen on a Budget

Upgrading Your Kitchen on a Budget

If you are thinking of upgrading your kitchen on a budget this bespoke painted Shaker kitchen is £4,499 from Used Kitchen Exchange 

Upgrading Your Kitchen on a Budget 

Is your kitchen looking a bit tired and past it’s best? If you’re thinking it’s time for an upgrade, consider some budget-worthy ideas to get a great kitchen without spending a fortune. Thankfully, the search for cheap kitchens is over! 


This Italian kitchen has a white wash paint finish and Siemens cooking appliances, it’s £3,999 from Used Kitchen Exchange 


Inspirational Ideas

First of all, don’t assume that a ‘new’ kitchen is out of the question! There are ways and means of getting a fabulous upgraded kitchen at a much lower cost than you may have originally thought. One way is to purchase a used kitchen, from Used Kitchen Exchange A ‘used kitchen’ can mean a barely-used ex-showroom display kitchen, or a second-hand kitchen that needs a new home as a result of a new kitchen purchase. Each kitchen purchased through Used Kitchen Exchange will have been photographed, measured, checked and comes with their Approved Used seal of approval.

There’s a huge selection to choose from, from names such as Harvey Jones and SieMatic. Appliances, sinks and taps are usually included too and each item within the kitchen is listed so it’s perfectly possible to plan an upgraded kitchen in it’s entirety. 


Painted Choices

If you already have a painted kitchen, or a timber kitchen with a natural wood colour, then a brand new coat of paint could be just the way of upgrading on a budget. Don’t underestimate the work involved though, it’s a job that can be time-consuming and needs proper preparation and execution to make it worthwhile. For a new paint colour on existing wood cabinets, sand down lightly, then use a wood filler to repair and gaps or cracks in the seams and joints.

Use masking tape to protect upstands and worksurfaces, and of course, any glazing in cupboard doors!  An eggshell finish is probably the best choice, you could go for a subtle grey, such as Elephant’s Breath by Farrow & Ball, or perhaps a strong, bold dark blue, such as Basalt by Little Greene Paint Company


Work Surface Suggestions

Sometimes it’s the work surface that’s a bit shabby and worn, or perhaps you just fancy a change! Providing the cabinetry below is sturdy and in good condition, a new work surface could be a great idea. But remember that installing a new work surface can be a tricky task, and should be done by a professional fitter or someone who is a very confident DIY-er. Replacing a scruffy surface with a sleek new one is definitely an upgrade – after all, the surface area can potentially dictate a colour scheme.

Think about changing from a white surface to a black surface for example, for a completely new look. Budget options include laminates that imitate stone or quartz, such Options or Omega by Bushboard. And for a very smart and tailored look, think about including matching upstands.


Let There Be Light

Sometimes a kitchen that looks in need of upgrading can given a new lease of life by some new lighting. And a really good deep clean! If you have tiled walls, give them a good scrub, paying special attention to the grout. Give the appliances a good polish and buff up the glass and stainless steel.

Extractors and hoods often get forgotten but do, unfortunately, collect dust and grease and can be transformed by a thorough clean! Add some under-cabinet lighting and perhaps a new set of pendants for a brighter look – choose cheerful colours or metallic shades for an uplifting look. Try designs from BHS and Industville for interesting looks. 

Upgrading Your Kitchen on a Budget

This striking kitchen with dramatic peninsula is by Wren, and includes all the appliances, it’s £5,999 from Used Kitchen Exchange  


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