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Vinyl Flooring: Is it Worth It?

If you’ve been bombarded with ads, blogs, or comments about vinyl flooring, you’re probably curious about its popularity and the benefits it offers. So, why is vinyl plank flooring, like quickstep flooring, such a sought-after choice for busy homes? Let’s delve into its numerous advantages and understand why interior designers love it.


Waterproof Wonder

First and foremost, let’s talk about its exceptional waterproof design. Not only does this provide peace of mind for your underfloor, but it also makes vinyl flooring perfect for bathrooms and kitchens, which are prone to higher water risks compared to bedrooms or living areas. If you’re the type who enjoys unique bathrooms or wet rooms, vinyl flooring can transform your space, offering superior resistance to surface water and temperature fluctuations. And let’s not forget about those occasional drink spills by kids or pets – vinyl flooring can easily handle that and more, making it a smart investment for the years to come.


Durability at Its Finest

If heavy foot traffic is a concern in your home, look no further than vinyl flooring. Karndean flooring and their subsequent collections have dedicated years of efforts into making their product exceptionally durable through a commercial wear layer that can withstand significant foot traffic over time. This makes vinyl a top choice for kids’ bedrooms, playrooms, and even hallways, where carpets would typically wear thin within a year. While vinyl is highly scratch-resistant, it’s still advisable to use soft pads on sharp furniture legs and avoid walking in stiletto heels to be on the safe side.


Effortless Maintenance

Undeniably, vinyl flooring shines when it comes to maintaining its pristine appearance over long periods. Thanks to its simple cleaning requirements, which typically involve warm soapy water, a mop, and a quick brushing, you can say goodbye to specialized chemical products that carpets or hardwood floors often demand. With its built-in stain and scratch resistance, vinyl saves you time and money on cleaning compared to other flooring options. And in extreme cases where individual sections may get damaged, fear not – they can be easily replaced at a minimal cost.

So, should you opt for vinyl flooring? The answer seems clear – with its remarkable waterproof properties, exceptional durability, and effortless maintenance, vinyl flooring deserves serious consideration for your home.

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