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Welcoming Guests Into Your Home With Open Arms

Welcoming Guests Into Your Home With Open Arms


Whether you’re relatively anti-social and have just a few firm friends or are a social butterfly and your acquaintances spill into the tens, the twenties (or even more), chances are that you’re going to receive some visitors to your home at some point or another. So, you want to make sure that their experience of your humble abode is as positive as possible. Here are a few reliable tips and tricks to ensure that you’re well known as a brilliant host!


Make a Spare Room Habitable

Now, not everyone has a spare room, but those of us who do rarely tend to make the most of its potential. It ends up serving as some sort of extended cupboard where we store bits and bobs that we can’t be bothered to organize. But if you have a spare room, you really could benefit from making it habitable. A few simple steps will ensure that any guest who you welcome into your home will have somewhere to rest their head for the night if needs be. You can also start actively inviting family and friends to stay, which means your catch-ups can extend from a short conversation to an evening filled with food, wine, and relaxation. You will need some sort of bed, but there will generally be something out there to suit any budget. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a luxury King size divan. As long as it’s comfortable and spacious enough, everything should be fine. You should also consider adding extra features such as a bedside table with bedside lamp so that your guests can feel cozy while they’re getting ready to sleep but cut the lights as soon as they’re ready to hit the hay. Somewhere to fold or hang clothes also proves useful, as it means they can keep their clothes in pristine condition for the morning without having to worry about ironing them before they can get dressed. If this sounds like a home redesign process you’d be interested in, take a look at this article on how to make your guests feel at home in a guest room!


Make Sure Everyone Knows Where the Bathroom Is


While the more confident individuals amongst us may not think twice about asking where the bathroom in another person’s house is, there are plenty of people out there who will feel filled with anxiety at the thought of having to interrupt a conversation to ask the host. So, whenever anyone enters your home, make sure that you let them know where the bathroom is and that they are welcome to make use of it should they need to. It’s also good to stock your bathroom with different types of sanitary items that your guest may have forgotten but be too embarrassed to ask for.



Offer Drinks Regularly

Remember that people get thirsty pretty regularly and your visitors may feel rude or demanding should they ask for a drink. So, offer them out regularly. After all, your visitors can’t exactly head into the kitchen and whip something up themselves! For some of us, this is habit anyway. We make ourselves drinks, so we only have to remember to offer to make another for our guest each time we do this. But others don’t drink as much. If this sounds like you, just make a mental note to keep checking everyone’s thirst is quenched. Make sure your cupboards are well stocked with different hot drinks (such as tea and coffee), sugar (for those who have a sweet tooth), and different cordials (for those who’d prefer a cool drink).


Offer The Wifi Password

This may sound like a small and trivial detail. After all, your guest is unlikely to be on their phone the whole time that they are in your home. But different people use different phone networks, and they may not have signal in your home. Everyone wants to be contactable at all times nowadays, so offering them your wifi password will ensure that they can have some sort of connection should they need to get in touch with anyone or if anyone needs to get in touch with them. Remember that sometimes it’s the smallest touches that make people feel truly settled and comfortable!


By following the above steps, you should ensure that anyone who passes through your front door has a pleasant visit or stay. Just be courteous and remember to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible at all times and everything should go well!



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