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What makes a thrifty home ?

So what make a thrifty home?

Type thrifty tips into the search panel at Pinterest and you will be inundated with suggestions. It can be a tad overwhelming!


In my opinion its more about good habits than it is about cheap furniture

Despite writing extensively about the subject, I sometimes end up having to go right back to basics myself. Bad habits creep in and my thrifty home starts leaking money again  and we wonder where on earth it’s all gone.

‘Time to tighten your belt’ I can just imagine my old granddad saying.

I always start the New Year with awesome budgeting intentions determined to have a thrifty lifestyle that ensures we have money spare and an efficient way of managing money and minimising waste. By the time it comes to October those intentions seem very far away. And then Christmas shopping rears it’s head and I think aggh!

But my frugal granddad was right. Sometimes we just need to tighten our belts and get back into good habits.

So before you sell off the family silver to pay for Christmas just, pause. Have a look at this awesome  little video from My Voucher Codes which can be seen over at  Planner Wealth

There are so many small everyday changes you can make to re-establish your thrifty home and get back on track with your money. We can all do these suggestions  they aren’t complicated or time consuming and they will make an impact.

Good luck re-establishing good habits and taking the steps you need to keep your finances working for you.



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