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Where to Buy Affordable Kitchen Worktops

Kitchen updates and Where to Buy Affordable Kitchen Worktops

When it comes to keeping and maintaining a thrifty but fabulous home it always helps to know where to shop to get the best value for your money.

When it comes to doing up a kitchen it can feel like you have no option but to spend a great deal of money.  Kitchen updates are just so expensive, aren’t they?

But, and I am sure this is the same for you, I spend hours in my kitchen. It is where I work, where we eat, prep food, play board games and hang out, it is a place I love to be. It is the very heart of our home. I do want my kitchen to be lovely.

So the big question is…how do we update our kitchen on a budget and where to buy affordable kitchen worktops


affordable kitchen worktops


Where to shop?

We haven’t changed our  kitchen worktops since we moved into this house some 14 years ago now.  We have painted the kitchen walls, had new tiles, changed the flooring. We even splashed out on new cupboards doors about 5 years ago. Our worktops were neglected though simply because the cost was a factor- I just thought they would cost too much.

The secret is, I have learned, to know where to shop!

Do take a look at Worktop Express’s Kitchen Worktops are a fantastic – and thrifty – option for any home. They make their own wooden worktops and sell them directly to the public, which of course entirely removes the ‘middle man’ which helps keep costs down. They also have a selection of affordable laminate, solid laminate and Earthstone worktop options available.

How cool is that!


Laminate Worktops

Laminate worktops have huge benefits, they are a low-maintenance worktop choice, and are both highly durable and easy to clean. Absolutely perfect for a family home and coping with blackcurrant juice spills and super sticky fingers. Oh, how my kids love to bake.

Being practical does not have to mean unstylish though as this gorgeous grey slate laminate proves.



Oh and how about this marble laminate?

So beautiful.


Where to Buy Affordable Kitchen Worktops


Your foodie photos would be perfectly Instagram ready with that! Laminate worktops start at just £60 at Worktop Express making it a very affordable update.

Earthstone Worktops

Natural stone is of course uber expensive but earthstone can be a stunningly attractive alternative that gives the same kind of effect. Earthstone is made from a sturdy core of 28mm chipboard, with a 6mm thick layer of acrylic bonded to the top and edge.  A built-in moisture barrier ensures the chipboard core is protected against penetration from liquids and these are very easy to sand and remove scratches from. I think they look amazing!



Wooden Worktops

I do love wooden worktops. I think when you have a very comfy cosy kitchen these really are the look to go for. They just ooze authenticity and invite you to start chopping up your veg!


where to buy affordable kitchen worktops


Paired with a sophisticated grey glass and chrome, wooden worktops can also look sleek, stylish and beautiful.  How I love this deluxe oak from Worktop Express! I think their maple is rather lovely too, isn’t the colour just gorgeous!


Where to Buy Affordable Kitchen Worktops


Not only are wooden worktops attractive they are also really strong and durable and of course we all know that wood ages so well. Their options include oak, beech, cherry, maple, wenge and bamboo. They also have walnut which is one of their most popular solid wood surfaces.

But, I know you are probably thinking isn’t wood going to be just so  expensive?

This is where choosing your supplier well really benefits you. You can make a huge amount of savings buying direct.

Have a look at kitchen worktops wigan for some lovely ideas.


Saving Money

Do take a look at Worktop Express’s Kitchen Worktops there is something to suit every style and the savings you will make are just fantastic. All the lovely pictures I have shown you above are their work.

Worktop Express also offer a wide range of sizes and bespoke creations too with an easy to use online tool for you to create a drawing of the worktop you want. Their entire worktop range is available at excellent prices – all inclusive of VAT – helping you make great savings when compared to the high street. They also have their own 2 person delivery service and they offer next day delivery. So now you know exactly where to buy affordable kitchen worktops



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