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Why the Popularity of Wood Wall Panels is Skyrocketing

Wood wall panelling has been part of interior design trends for decades and has always been vastly popular. In recent times however, this popularity seems to be on the rise, with projects concerning both new homes and old, offering practicality, ease of maintenance, texture and luxury to a home aesthetic. Although traditionally you might think of wood wall panels adding that classic feel to a home, it can be added to a home with a modern twist, with plenty of design choices to keep things interesting, whether you are updating a tired old living space to give it some life, or you are working on a redevelopment project for an entire property.


What is wood wall panelling?

Wood wall panels are used to cover the surface of a wall, and sometimes you’ll see them on ceilings too. The panels are rigid yet flexible, and lay side by side to create an overall cover for the surface. They are versatile and durable, robust, and look great, offering good levels of insulation and structural support. Wood wall panels also help to conceal electrical cables, helping to make a room always look clean and tidy.

The benefits of wood wall panels

There are a few key benefits to installing wood wall panelling in your home. Whether it is for a living room wall, along the staircase, or even on the ceiling, you’ll find the following benefits make it worthwhile a project to undertake:

  • Simple installation process, with clipping systems that allow for easy installation with invisible seam of wood wall panels that make it look like one strong surface.
  • The panels create a strong layer of protection for the surface and the wall it is over the top of, protecting from dents, scratches and the like.
  • Wood wall panelling is functional, as well as decorative, providing great insulation properties and potential positive acoustic characteristics.
  • Once installed, wood wall panelling is really easy to maintain, with just a damp sponge or cloth and a wipe down from time to time.


Digging deeper into the benefits of wood wall panels

Let’s take a look at three of the big hitters in terms of the benefits:


Aesthetics of wood wall panelling


The beauty of wood panels in any living space is that they help to create an extra sense of depth and interest in what might otherwise have been a dull, dark, tired space, with very little going on. By installing wood panels along the whole length and height of a wall, it creates a stunning design look for the entire space, whilst a lower half of a wall covered in panels is often the perfect choice for a staircase feature.


Insulation properties


We are all looking for ways to better insulate our properties. By adding another layer of textured surface to a wall, a layer of protection, it is a fantastic way to increase the insulation properties of the room in question, helping to regulate temperature and control your energy costs.


Acoustic design


For some rooms it can often feel like there is a lot of sound escaping or bouncing off the walls. A space full of echoes is never a comfortable, cosy room to sit and relax in. You might also be suffering with thin walls, where noise seeps in from the neighbours, or neighbouring rooms within the property. Wood wall panelling is built with acoustic properties that improve these experiences and makes for a sound room.


Are there different types of wood used for wall panelling?


A variety of materials are used to build wood wall panels, from hardwood for a solid nature to MDF. Acoustic wood panels have a layer of felt in-built that is designed to absorb sound. On top of this, you’ll also have a wide range of finishes for the design angle, including:


  • Durable oak with a distinctive grain pattern. This is durable and versatile, with a simple finish.
  • Coloured finishes allow you to go in a bold direction that is unique and away from the natural wood aesthetic, from striking black wall panels to light grey smoky tones.
  • Walnut is another popular finish for wood wall panelling, with deep tones to bring luxury to the project.


Once you have decided to go with wood wall panels for your home aesthetic, the next step is to choose a supplier. This is important, as by chatting through your project, desired aesthetic, and any other issues you wish to discuss about the area the wood wall panelling will be installed, you can make the correct choice of panel. By speaking with specialists in the game, you can begin to understand the benefits to different colours and textures that are available to you with wood panels. It can be used to transformative effect in any space you are designing, adding to the aesthetic you are searching for and creating a cosy space to call your own.

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