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4 Important Considerations For Buying Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings can range from curtains and cushions to bed runners and bedspreads. If you’re looking for a cost effective way to quickly brighten up a room, adding or changing a selection of your soft furnishings is a great way to do so.

Soft furnishing items are a wonderful way to brighten up your home no matter what style of home décor you’re looking to create. However, there are a few questions you must first ask regarding your décor.

Do you want to evoke a sense of classic simplicity or are you more interested in establishing a more contemporary fashionable look? Are there certain patterns and colours that would fit the rest of your home décor more appropriately?

No matter how complex your ideas may be, we can enlighten you on all the basics you need to know about soft furnishings.

Woven or printed materials

Woven fabrics and patterns are formed by weaving threads over and under each other. There are many natural and man-made types of woven fabrics including denim, broadcloth, silk, satin, flannel and twill. Fabric thread can be made from cotton, linen, bamboo and polyester.

If you are looking to add a breath of fresh air to your home then light woven curtains or bedspreads with delicate designs will certainly breathe new life into a room while providing a soft feel that adds a luxurious level of comfort. Woven materials will also enhance other colours in a room while creating a unique warmth that will help to define a room’s personality.

Alternatively you could opt for a material featuring printed patterns instead of a woven design. These patterns can produce captivating colours for use in a range of different products from bed linen to pillowcases. Whether you are looking for bold contemporary patterns or rustic calming ones, there will certainly be a design right for you.

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Creating themes with patterns and colours

The benefit of a printed material is that it allows for a hugely diverse level of creativity that can help to create themes that can evoke global styles and cultures. This helps to create a unique makeover for your home that will guarantee you are not following mass produced trends that will allow to express your own personal taste in a world of fashion that is often too generic. Such individual expressions will certainly be a talking points for any guests you invite to your home.

If you struggle to come with ideas regarding which colours and patterns will complement your home best, just consider how these furnishings might affect the room decor already in use across your home. If your home is already quite dark you should use brightly coloured fabrics as an accent colour. Or if the room is predominantly comprised of lighter shades, choose lighter tones that will subtly add another dimension to the interior.

Fabrics with or without flame-retardant properties

Fire safety may not be the first thing you think about when you are buying curtains, bed runners and other soft furnishing products, nevertheless it is a consideration. This is especially true if you are looking for soft furnishings in an establishment such as a B&B or boutique hotel where naturally it’s a legal requirement. You can read more about the legal remeasurement relating to soft furnishings here.

Ready-made or bespoke options

Choosing between ready-made existing items and bespoke items specifically designed for you is another decision that largely depends on your budget and convenience.

If you have a set budget and are pressed on time, your best option is to visit a local department store or browse online for some ready-made items. Prices will vary, but if budget is a concern, your spending will be much more manageable by going with ready-made options.

However, if you have more complex needs and ideas with a higher budget available it makes sense to stretch to the more expensive option of luxurious tailored designs that can become a reality thanks to the ‘made–to-measure’ approach courtesy of a specialist provider. In addition to allowing for designs based on your own unique self-expression, this option allows you to relax in the knowledge that the finer details will be taken care of professionally.


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