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Thrifty tips for a cosy winter bedtime

When it comes to keeping costs down  a thrifty home needs to have a few tricks up its sleeve before it resorts to having the heating on at night. I hate to hear people say they are shivering  because its cold when they are int here home. There really is no need.

Keeping cosy involves snuggles and some great bedding as well as a few other little accessories!

When I was a child we did not have central heating just one electric fire int he lounge. You would not have dreamed of going to bed without your hot water bottle! Hot water bottles are just perfect for cold toes and I think they can be rather adorable too. They also cool off  after a while so unlike central heating you aren’t going to wake up too warm int he middle of the night. Such a thrifty and cute option!

Thrifty tips for a cosy winter bedtime

Hot water bottles  and blankets from House of Bath

Random Blanket Buy One Get One Free

Blankets are another easy way to keep cosy at night and can of course be readily thrown off when you are warmed up. I love the extra depth and colour blankets can bring to a room adding a visual as well as practical warmth.

Wool Cellular Blanket

A high tog  duvet can make all the difference too this one is super lightweight but is actually 16.5 Tog! Now that will keep you cosy! (I would never want to get up! )

Air Flow Duvet 15 Tog

Or how about an electric blanket? My aunty swears by hers. I am yet to try one but it is definitely an option I would consider trying as the nights seem to get colder.

One of my favorite warm in bed solutions are snuggly bed socks like these. Its normally my first port of call if I am cold and these are a simple but really effective solution.

Cosyfeet Super Soft Bed Socks

Dehumidifier Sack

A dehumidifier is also a great idea to keep the damp out of a room. These little sacks cost less than £10 and can be reused by drying out int he microwave.

I hope you have enjoyed these winter warmer ideas! Please let me know if you have any to add.

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