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Where to find home design inspiration

So I’m guessing if you are reading a thrifty home blog you probably don’t have the money or the inclination to use an interior designer?

Yes, me neither. But I also know relying on myself for design inspiration in my home doesn’t really work. I nearly always go for the same look and  I even bore myself!

Looking at design blogs is something I really enjoy doing. How  much has the internet changed our access to ideas. Long gone are the days of  carrying huge , quickly dated home design books back form the library.


Pinterest has also opened up a whole new world in home design inspiration. I had enormous fun looking up writing shed the other day and dreaming of a little room of my own. Other peoples ideas helped me think of new angles that would work for me but I’m not just relying on friends and their thoughts or even just a magazine. With Pinterest you can find your eyes opened to all sorts of possibilities.

The only problem with Pinterest though is it is quite easy to get completely distracted and suddenly find it is 3 hours later. This happens to me  frequently!

Homify is an online platform for home and living. They write about topics concerning design, living and home improvement. It is a fabulous resource and absolutely packed full of inspiration and guidance.

At the moment my mind is focussed on how to redesign our lounge. It has looked the same for years and I am clueless how to change it.



I have been looking through Homify at ideas this this one definitely appeals to me. Love the bright colours and the minimalist lines. We may have to forego the white though with my kids! I think coloured plain furniture, wood floors and a real bright painting would be fabulous.

I also rather love this quite different look too (maybe this in one for after the children leave home…more grown up) I do like the cool earthy tones.


Source: Wohnberiech/homify

So as you can see having a good old browse of other people’s ideas really can help you clarify your own.

The internet is rather a marvellous thing isn’t it?

Please share the thrifty ♥

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