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Five Quick Paris Themed Bathroom Decor Ideas

Paris is a beautiful city. It can be a great source of inspiration when it comes to decorating a home, which is why I have decided to put together this post, which contains decorating ideas inspired by the sophisticated style of the designers from this beautiful city.


Whether you are installing a new bathroom that you have bought from Better Bathrooms, or just remodelling. This post will provide you with some great ideas. It is 100% possible to transform your bathroom into a little piece of Paris chic.

Using the right combination of accessories, colours, lighting and materials, even a small bathroom can be transformed. It is possible to make a small room feel much larger than it actually is, and give it a sophisticated Paris style bathroom make over at the same time.


Mirrors make bathrooms feel bigger. The more glass you have in a bathroom the bigger and more spacious it feels.

Parisians go for large oval mirrors in their bathrooms. Modern versions include illuminated frames, which are a practical addition to any bathroom, as well as a focal point.

A Black and white theme

Many of the older Parisian homes had black and white themed bathrooms. This colour combination is surprisingly restful as well as very sophisticated.

If you have white sanitary wear, installing a black and white floor and some black bathroom accessories gives you this look, with just a few hours work. The simpler the colour theme of a room is, the bigger it feels. Again, this is the perfect approach for a small bathroom.

Add some Parisian prints

Using Parisian prints, makes it easy to transform any bathroom into a spot that reminds you of the most Romantic city in the world. Go for simple prints that feature the sights of Paris, like The Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. These types of bathroom accessories are easy to find, and normally super cheap.

Wrought iron

In the 20s and 30s, many rustic styled Parisian bathrooms had wrought iron towel rails and toilet roll holders. Add in some wrought iron shelves with glass tops, and paint them black to complete the look. Consider installing some corner shelves, which will draw the eye to the edges of the room. This is a simple way to make a small bathroom seem bigger.

Flowers in the bathroom

Any decent Parisian home has its fair share of flowers and pot plants. The French love flowers. They are so romantic, and the French love to bring the inside out whenever they can.


Add a couple of plant stands and buy some orchids or lilies, which thrive in moist environments. The Parisians seem to have a thing for spider plants, which do especially well in the bathroom, so consider buying some of those too.

None of the above ideas is expensive, and many of them will take less than an hour for you to implement. So, if you want a Paris themed bathroom, what are you waiting for? Just pick one idea and go with it.

If you want more Parisian style ideas, this page is a great source of additional inspiration.



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  1. October 6, 2016 / 12:26 pm

    Just about to put my house on the market and anything that might prevent potential buyers from noticing that the bathroom is frequented by a 6-year-old boy has got to be a winner. Great simple tips for a beautiful bathroom, thanks!

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