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Thriftiness & Your Bedroom: Potential Problems


Thriftiness & Your Bedroom


Thriftiness & your bedroom

There are many core tenets of thriftiness, but perhaps the most well-known is the need to keep costs low. If you are living thriftily, then you will never spend money without ensuring it is both necessary and financially beneficial.

However, for some people, thriftiness can sometimes cross a line into becoming cheap. Rather than ensuring every penny is well spent, the idea morphs and instead becomes a focus on spending as little as possible. This can become problematic, and below, we’re going to focus on the dangers of excessive thriftiness..


Why is the bedroom so important?

There are many areas of life where excessive thriftiness can be problematic, but we’re focusing on the bedroom for one particular overriding reason. Your bedroom is an essential component of one of the most vital functions of human health: sleep. Humans need sleep to function effectively and, given that one in three people don’t get enough sleep, it can be assumed it’s a necessity that is all-too-often overlooked in modern life. We want to give this function the focus it deserves and, without a doubt, your bedroom’s aesthetic and function is a key part of this.

How does your bedroom influence your ability to sleep?

While it’s possible to sleep anywhere, most sleep specialists agree that your environment has a huge role to play in achieving sleep. Many of the core components of good sleep hygiene focus on your environment; the comfort of your bed, the need to reduce light exposure, and to maintain a room temperature that is conducive to sleep.

Essentially, you might be able to sleep anywhere, but to sleep well, you need to be in the right environment.


How can excessive thriftiness impact your bedroom?

The problem with excessive thriftiness is that it emphasizes price rather than value. If your sole focus is the price point of the items in your bedroom, then it’s highly unlikely you will be able to create the environment you need.

For example, polyester sheets and a threadbare mattress may be cheap, but they’re also incredibly uncomfortable to sleep on. Opting for thin, unlined curtains is almost certainly cheaper than curtains made from blackout fabric, but you may still struggle with a bedroom that is too bright to sleep in. It’s cheaper to opt for a fan rather than air conditioning, but you’ll almost certainly find yourself struggling for sleep during the summer months as a result.

So what can you do instead?

The above information could be used to justify frivolous bedroom spending in pursuit of better sleep – but this isn’t actually its purpose. You can still be thrifty when constructing your bedroom; you just have to focus on value instead.

The best way of achieving value is to look for sleep-essential items that are well-constructed and built to last. Do your research prior to making a purchase, so you have an idea of how much thought has gone into the quality of construction; for your mattress, you can see info at Mattress Guides to help instruct your purchasing choice and ensure you buy your linen online so you can read customer reviews prior to purchase. It’s not just the purchase itself you can consider, either; for example, you could opt for an air conditioner rather than a fan, then read through Bankrate’s guide to cutting air conditioning costs. This decision allows you to achieve the temperature you need in your bedroom.


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In conclusion

Obtaining quality sleep is too important to compromise for the sake of saving a few pennies. Instead, focus on making informed purchases that allow you to get the rest you need at a price point that is sufficient, but not excessive.

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